Felicia Day readies “Red”

With Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse both under her belt, it’s only natural that geek goddess Felicia Day gets her moment in the sun in a leading role on the small screen. Day worshipers, set your DVRs for Saturday when The Guild star takes center stage in Syfy’s original TV movie, Red: Werewolf Hunter.


Day will pay a modern-day descendant of the original Red Riding Hood — only on a Syfy show, right? — who is trying to live a normal life outside the family business of hunting werewolves when she’s dragged in to save her fiancé (queue sighs that she’s not playing gay) after he gets bitten.

Daemon’s TV has a great interview with the coolest fangirl ever in which she discusses everything under the sun, including playing Red Riding Hood’s kin.

After turning down two projects, Day said the Red script was right up her alley: “I was a huge fairy tale fan and I tried to minor in folklore in college, but my dad said that was ridiculous.”

Day also compared her Red role to Buffy’s Vi in that her werewolf hunter, Virginia, “takes that idea of being chosen and shows the dark side of it.” Virginia is not comfortable with the destiny of being a werewolf hunter — a fate that was decided before she was even born — whereas Vi found herself in her destiny, Daemon’s Michelle St. James noted.

Day, however, thinks Mag — her Dollhouse character — has more in common with Virginia. She touches on the training she underwent to play such a physical role, her Eureka guest stint and playing opposite friend Wil Wheaton and all things Guild, but my favorite part of the post was when she remarked that filming Joss Whedon‘s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was “an amazing experience” and that it’d be hard for another project to top that: “I don’t think I’ll ever have a job to top the experience of working on that set.”

The avid gamer also indicated she’s working on new web projects and hopes that Red beats the ratings for Syfy’s Sharktopus.

Red airs Saturday night on Syfy. Will you watch Felicia kick some werewolf butt?