“Coronation Street” recap: A different kind of normal

Last time: Sian and Sophie made the leap from homos to hobos, running away from home with nothing but a fruit basket and all the loose change from Rosie’s purse.

What happens in the next several episodes is that everyone on the street tries to solve the following conundrums: a) Where the eff are Sophie and Sian? And b) Who nearly killed Aadi by smashing his cranium/thumping him in the back of the head? There are a lot of parents screaming at each other about the head bashing, and a lot of Rosie being properly perturbed that her mum and dad won’t use the words "lesbians" and "girlfriends" to describe Sophie and Sian.

When we finally catch back up with Sophie and Sian, they’re working in a dingy diner and they’ve just gotten kicked out of their flat for not being able to pay the rent.

I’ve bragged on Corrie and cried over Corrie and demanded that everyone in my life watch Corrie, but we’ve got a whole lot to cover today because I’ve got to get us fully caught up on Corrie. Sophie and Sian returned in earnest this week and it’s time to start recapping in real-time. So, I’m going to hit the high points, the low points, and then we’re going to survey the wonder that is Rosie’s face.

So, Sophie and Sian are actually homeless now, except for a guy at their work offers to let them crash at his Home For Wayward Lesbians. They accept and end up on a sleeping bag on a mattress in the middle of a bedroom that doubles as a weed factory. Maybe it’s the passive smoking, but Sophie finally starts questioning the whole runaway thing. She asks Sian if home was really worse than this. And Sian says that yeah, she had a bed and hot water and, you know, food — but she didn’t have Sophie.