Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode Six, Season Finale

It’s still the night of Party Armageddon, and by first light down by the waterfront, Frankie swigs vodka straight from the bottle, like alcoholics do. Tess apologises for telling Ed about her brief liaison with Jay, and Frankie puts her arm around her as they walk home together.

Cat has awakened her DS with morning tea and they talk about the weirdness of the night before and all its happenings. The DS gets a call from her landlady and complains about the hassle of having to look for another place to live.

Cat: Maybe you don’t need to.

Sam: What do you mean?
You could move in with me.

A little awestruck, the DS may be getting the validation that she has been craving. She accepts and looks ridiculously delighted, partly because she’s been hinting about this for about three episodes.

Ed rings the doorbell of Frankie and Tess’ flat, but when Frankie looks through the peephole and alarms Tess to his presence, Tess runs around like a headless chicken, screeching that she doesn’t want to see him. They don’t answer and he walks away, no doubt with his little face tripping him.

Tess questions why Ed won’t just leave her alone as she carries boxes into the kitchen, while Frankie muses about the kind of sexual fantasies Ed would have before asking what she’s doing. Tess awkwardly says that Cat called to say that Sam is moving in with her. Frankie tries to act oh so casual but makes like a blizzard and explains she has lots and lots of stuff to do. This actually means going to her bedroom to stare out of the window despondently before texting Cat and asking to meet her.

A similar look of dejection can be found on Ed’s face as he sits in his Beetle feeling utterly stung by his love declaration and the little Tess-shaped hole in his life. Tess, meanwhile, is still ogling her Eye Candy in the opposite flat, who seems oblivious to her stalker like ways. Amidst her leering, a parcel is delivered. She opens it to find it is a drill-like device.

Lee: Oh, lesbians and our power tools, we just love them.

Sarah: Really? When have you EVER used a power tool?

Lee: I use ceramic straighteners – they are indeed a powerful tool.

Frankie is in a cafe and Cat arrives to meet her. Although Cat sits at the same table, she couldn’t sit much further away from her and tells Frankie that she is pretty much on borrowed time. Frankie questions Cat about DS Murray moving in with her.

Cat: Yes, I asked her this morning.

Frankie: I don’t want her to…I want to be with you… I love you.

Cat doesn’t seem entirely surprised and there is a small hint of quandary over her face. She questions why Frankie’s actions don’t match her supposed affections towards her – namely the Jaygermeister bedding incident, leaving her heartbroken, the lack of phone calls, and so on. Frankie exclaims that was all a reaction to her feeling rejected by Cat.

Cat: Why didn’t you just talk to me?

Frankie: I’m talking to you now. I’ve got to know how you feel about me. This is driving me nuts.

Cat: I was all yours Frankie, I would have done anything for you but you threw it away.

Frankie: I wasn’t ready then – but I am now.

Cat tells her that this Frankie behavioural pattern is very similar to the last time they were together, but Frankie is resolute that she’s changed and says they haven’t given their relationship a fair crack of the whip.

Cat: Whose fault was that?

With this undeniable truth, Frankie is silenced and looks even further crestfallen as Cat leaves her to it.