Sarah Shahi steams up the system in promos for “Fairly Legal”

Normally the thought of anther legal drama on TV makes me yawn a little and think about making a sandwich. But then you tell me it’s a legal drama starring Sarah Shahi and I perk up instead. Next you show me this poster and I’m all “Damn, Fairly Legal looks fairly hot.”

And then you show me the ex-The L Word star in this promo and I’m smitten all over again. Act goofy and smile for us, Sarah, and we’ll follow you anywhere. Also, nice heels.


The promos for Sarah’s new USA series Fairly Legal are pouring in in advance of the show’s Jan. 20 premiere date. The previews make it look like a fun, free-spirited take on the law from a master mediator’s point of view. That she also happens to look fantastic while solving conflicts can’t really hurt either.

Sarah plays Kate Reed, who once worked at her father’s prominent San Francisco law firm but left after his sudden death to start a career as a mediator. Apparently she lives on a house boat and has a friends-with-benefits relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband (played by Michael Trucco). Trust me when I tell you to not to look away during the last 10 seconds of this promo.


You can see the rest of the promos at the So what do you think? Are you fairly interested? If they keep showing us Sarah’s, shall we say, legal briefs, I’m hooked.