Kyra Sedgwick decides to retire from LAPD

The Closer disappointed many of us when it added a lesbian cop and then kept her in the gun closet. But we continue to watch for the compelling storylines, the top-notch acting and the wonderful Kyra Sedgwick.

I fell for Sedgwick along with Helen Mirren in Losing Chase and was totally jealous when she and Julianna Margulies played lovers in What’s Cooking?

But the part of LA Police Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Southern belle with a love for junk food and trench coats, made Sedgwick a regular Emmy nominee for best actress — finally winning this year — and has proved that a woman can carry a series quite capably, thank you.

This weekend, TNT announced that the next season of The Closer with be the last. Sedgwick herself made the decision to wrap up the show in part, no doubt, because she commutes from New York, where her family lives, to Los Angeles, where the series films.

With an average viewership of eight million this season, the series is one of basic cable’s most-watched shows of all time (the other is Rizzoli & Isles). So, The Closer certainly will close on a high note. Fifteen episodes are scheduled for Season 7, giving the writers plenty of time to wrap up the series properly. I’m certain Brenda will make her exit with the same combination of Southern grace and steely-eyed determination that has marked her successful tenure with LAPD.

Will you be sad to see The Closer go?