Behind the Scenes in Hollywood: Michelle Ceglia

Today in “Behind the Scenes in Hollywood,” we’re talking to hair stylist to the stars, Michelle Ceglia. From the salons of New York City, to the backlots of Hollywood, Ceglia has had some pretty big names in her chair. Read on to hear her thoughts on lesbian hairstyles, trying to tame Kate Moennig‘s coif, and what’s wrong with Justin Bieber. How much time ya got?

Michelle Ceglia, Hair Department Head Why are you so awesome?
Michelle Ceglia: I’m east coast. New York, New Jersey. Like you.

AE: I think your Jersey accent is stronger than mine.
MC: They make fun of me [on the set] for saying, “Geh-head.” [instead of, “Go ahead.”]

AE: Me, too! Karman likes to imitate me sometimes, but I swear, I thought everyone said that. It sounds so normal to me.
MC: Me, too!

AE: You’re in the hair department on Dexter. Whose hair do you do there?
MC: This past summer, I’ve had Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan), Julia Stiles (Lumen Ann Pierce), Desmond Harrington (Joey Quinn), James Remar (Harry Morgan), Peter Weller (Stan Liddy). I’m sort of on everybody.