The Golden Globes turn into the gayest globes ever

TV’s biggest honors went to Boardwalk Empire for drama (hey, there’s a lesbian couple in that) and Glee (we all know how gay that is) for drama and comedy respectively. Glee also made news by casting Anne Hathaway on the spot for a guest turn as Kurt’s lesbian aunt. I told you, everyone wanted to be gay for the night.

Really, I’m not kidding about how contagious the gay was that evening. When he won for best actor in a drama for The King’s Speech, charming Colin Firth mentioned the “surprisingly robust triangle of man love” he had developed with co-star Geoffrey Rush and director Tom Hooper. And then when Natalie Portman won for best actress in a drama for Black Swan, she profusely thanked her co-star “Mila ‘Sweet Lips’ Kunis.” Exactly how sweet were those lips, Natalie? Lesbians everywhere are dying to know.

One of the night’s most satisfying wins went to The Kids Are All Right, which took home the best comedy award. It was an amazing recognition for a small picture that, regardless about how you feel about the story, is a boost for LGBT visibility in entertainment. I’d also like to note that Cholodenko and Bening were totally working on their lesbian twin look that night.

The Social Network won the drama award, but nothing particularly gay happened there except for the geeky bromance between its stars Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. I thought Black Swan and The King’s Speech were both far better pictures. Also, neither movie will annoy you with Mafia Wars requests in real life.

So, see, I wasn’t kidding. The Globes were mighty gay. And we haven’t even talked about the dresses yet. I’ve saved the pretty girls in pretty frocks for the last.

Hollywood went green, literally, as Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Elisabeth Moss all showed up in lovely emerald gowns.

Olivia Wilde showed up looking like the princess she is (no, really, she is a princess).