The Golden Globes turn into the gayest globes ever

Helena Bonham Carter showed up in two different colored shoes and something spectacularly kooky by Vivienne Westwood. The more she embraces her inner Bellatrix Lestrange, the more I love her.

Sofia Vergara went home empty handed, but noted on Twitter that she already had her own pair of Golden Globes. I think her dress made that pretty clear.

If Justin and Hailee looked like an adorable gay prom couple in junior high, Tilda Swinton and Geoffrey Rush looked like a lesbian couple attending their gay prom’s 30th anniversary reunion party.

Finally, Glee’s Naya Rivera and Heather Morris remind us that if anyone should go to gay prom together, it is Santana and Brittany. Move over Brangelina, Brittana was the best-looking couple of the evening by far.

As promised, here come the tweets. Nobody tweets like the gays. Last night we asked you to play along while live-tweeting the Golden Globes. Boy, did you ever. You helped make the night fun by providing hundreds upon hundreds of snarky and insightful tweets throughout the evening. With each gay win, my Twitter feed exploded with joy and rainbows. There were so many great tweets, I couldn’t include all of them. So please enjoy this briefest of samplings. Check the #gayglobes hashtag for all of the rest of the night’s hilarity.

So, Gay Globes or Gayest Globes? You decide. What were you highlights for the evening? Which dresses did you love, hate or hate to love? The gay, it was so yay that night.