Is “The Biggest Loser” trying to keep their trainers in the closet?

When Jillian Michaels came out as bisexual in Ladies’ Home Journal last year, it wasn’t a huge surprise. The fitness guru doesn’t talk much about her personal life in the press, and has never spoken to the LGBT media. There is speculation about her relationship with another woman based on information on her public Facebook and Twitter accounts, but Michaels has never made an official statement about it.

As a household name and face of nutrition and fitness, she touches the lives of those she meets and even those who only see her on TV or use her DVDS, books or website as a guide to healthy living. She’s consistently on the cover of health and fitness magazines, and a frequent guest on talk shows. She’s even opened up about her current adoption process with the women of The Talk.

But there appears to be a major aspect of her personal life she’s not interested in sharing, and it has to do with what she made mention of in that Ladies Home Journal interview last year.

Whether the decision not to discuss Michaels’ sexuality is her own or, perhaps, NBC’s isn’t clear. But NBC, the network behind Jillian’s hit show, The Biggest Loser, has turned down several interview requests from, and not just with Jillian, but their new trainer this season, Cara Castronuova. Cara, a trained boxer and actress, once dated MC God-des of God-des and She.

In 2007, Cara starred in God-des and She’s hit music video for “Love You Better,” and the following year, she was one of GO Magazine’s 100 Women We Love. She also starred in the lesbian film Flick’s Chicks. Now that she is poised to become a household name and brand, as Jillian and her fellow trainer Bob Harper have, it appears that NBC would prefer to downplay her connection to the LGBT community. (NBC publicists gave no comment after asked why Jillian and Cara aren’t allowed to speak to the gay press.)