Karey Dornetto gives us the background on last night’s lesbian-themed “Community”

Karey Dornetto is much more than a producer-writer on the NBC series, Community. She’s also the genius behind the now-legendary L Word parody, “Hi, I’m Ilene Chaiken,” the creator of “BRANTS,” the first-ever bra-pant solution, and with pal and fellow comic, Amber Tozer, someone who’s not above throwing dog poop at babies. I’m so jealous.

When we found out Karey had written last night’s episode of Community in which Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and her new friend, Page (Brit Marling) both think the other one is a lesbian, we got her on the phone immediately. Karey gave us some insight about writing last night’s episode, working in TV, and revealed a surprise about how the character, Page, got her name.

AfterEllen: What’s up with Britta and her new bestie, Page?
Karey Dornetto: Well, Britta has been called a lesbian by her peers a bazillion times. She’s super-ultra PC, so I thought it would be funny if she met a girl who she thinks is a lesbian. In fact, they both think the other is a lesbian. And they both want to be cool and be friends with a lesbian. They end up making out with each other but get pissed off when they find out neither one of them is a lesbian.

It’s not like lesbian kissing is new to TV, but I wanted to do something that I really hadn’t seen before. Neither one of them is gay, but they each want the other to be gay so they can be friends with a gay. Because it’s cool.