“Glee” Episode 214 recap: Bye, Bi Blaine

Will goes to Rosalita’s Roadhouse, “where men are men and the sheep are nervous,” with Shannon, and they have a great time together. The two of them sing the honky tonk classic “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” and seeing Coach Beiste sing in her cowboy get-up is truly wonderful. I love her and Will as friends.

Kurt stops by Rachel’s to “help her clean up after the party,” but really to see how her date earlier that evening with Blaine had gone. She said it was “lovely,” and that they went to a showing of Love Story at a revival art house and “even dressed up as the characters.”

“That’s not gay at all,” Kurt says. “Did you kiss?”

Rachel says their mouths were too busy reciting Ali McGraw’s lines to kiss. Then she says she did expect him to kiss her when the date was over, “But I guess the timing just wasn’t right.”

“Or the blood alcohol level,” Kurt says.

Rachel says she knows Kurt has feelings for Blaine, but Blaine is obviously conflicted, and if he turns out to be straight, isn’t she doing Kurt a favor? (Obviously Rachel has also never heard of bisexuality.)

“And I’m doing you a favor,” Kurt says, “by telling you that Blaine is the first of a long line of conflicted men that you will date that will later turn out to be only the most flaming of homosexuals.”

Rachel objects that she and Blaine have a lot in common, to which Kurt replies, “A sentiment expressed by many a hag about many a gay.” He goes on to tell her that he’s sure Blaine and Rachel would have a great time shopping and arguing over recipes, but they’ll never have chemistry.

She says she’s going to have a sober kiss with Blaine and prove him wrong.

This scene is troubling because it’s not that what Kurt’s saying isn’t true and even quite funny on some level, but hello, Blaine didn’t say he thought he was straight; he was wondering if he was bisexual, which both of them are ignoring as a possibility. And since he in fact does turn out to be gay, and not bi, the non-existence of bisexuals is, intentionally or not, being reinforced here.

Sorry, off the narrative again, aren’t I?

Shannon brings Will home, and he sits down and grades papers, giving everyone an A+. Then he drunk dials Emma and starts to leave an emotional message on her voice mail.

The next day, Will has a killer hangover, and tries to apologize to Emma, who has no idea what he’s talking about. Then Sue comes up to him in the hall and does another riff on him needing rehab, which really just doesn’t make any sense; it feels like they just had to drop some Sue in there randomly. It reminded me of how they use the Warblers, actually.

Kurt is trying to teach Burt how to make a soufflé, and he’s getting a little snippy. Burt objects, and Kurt says, “I’m sorry, Dad. It’s Blaine. He’s interested in Rachel.”

“I thought he was gay, too.”

“Oh, he is,” Kurt says. “He’s just experimenting.”

“He’s not the only one,” Burt says.

“What does that mean?”

Burt tells him he has to ask before he has someone sleep over. Kurt objects that they didn’t do anything, and that Kurt just let him crash there because he was too drunk to drive.

His dad flares up about them drinking, and Kurt says that neither he nor Finn drank anything. And he asks if his father would feel the same way if Finn had a sleepover with Puck. (Speaking of a mountain of fan fiction …)

Burt points out that it’s not the same; it would be more like Finn having a girl sleep over, which he wouldn’t allow. And he’s right. But then Kurt makes another point.

“But would it make you uncomfortable if he did?”

“When have I been uncomfortable with you being gay?” Burt asks.

“So it’s not being gay that upsets you, it’s just me acting on it?”

“I don’t know what two guys do when they’re together. You know, I sat through that whole Brokeback Mountain. From what I gather, something went down in the tent.”