ABC News covers “Flexisexual” women

When Madonna decided to employ Britney Spears and the oft-forgotten Christina Aguilera to kiss her on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007, do you think she knew she’d forever be credited as stirring up a generation of “flexisexuals”?

Today ABC News reported on a “trend” that several other news outlets have picked up on before: The bisexual young woman.

In a video report that ran today, they cited the 2007 incident as inspiring young women of today to try on lesbianism for size, even if it’s just for male attention, as the man on the street says.


Notice the use of a scene from Imagine Me & You. It plays while the reporter asks: “Is the age-old male Ménage à trois fantasy influencing the next generation of young women to flex their sex?”

Cue Katy Perry‘s non-lesbianish “I Kissed a Girl” video and the voiceover: “Or is it the celebrity endorsement?”

The report itself seems to be endorsing, which is likely the only party benefitting from this ABC News report. Here’s what the site claims to offer:

Our site is designed just for flexisexual women. Here you can find sexy, open-minded women looking to explore their sexuality, chat, hook up with and more. Many features are offered for interaction while at the same time protecting member privacy.

This is where straight women who feel curious about bisexual passion or romance, start out. The common interest makes it easy for like-minded individuals to connect with each other and find someone compatible, compared to leaving it up to chance.

“OMG guys! She is thinking of getting flexisexual with me. Can I invite her to the beach party?”

Even though it says it caters to curious women, the search options allow men and couples as well, which seems a little more like that menage a trois ABC was talking about.

The expert opinion comes from “certified therapist” Kate Crowe, who offers this up: “Because gays across America are gaining more rights, I think it has a lot to do with that.”

I’m not sure that “gaining rights” has instilled any specific sexual or romantic feelings within me, but then again, I don’t identify as flexisexual. I am inclined to think, though, that any women who do identify as such aren’t exploring their sexuality because they have the right to be in a civil union in the state of Illinois or are allowed to keep their job or get married in Iowa. Also, I’m pretty sure this woman was certified by the Tea Party or Sarah Palin for President organization. Can’t you see this being part of a platform in the future? “Giving gays and lesbian rights is making your teen daughter go flexi!”

This is followed by a young woman who describes her sister’s experience with dating women as a phase and “certain things she was exposed to at a young age.” Britney and Madonna, you are to blame!

You will notice that none of these people cite being born with an attraction to women, or an attraction to men and women (hello? Ever heard of bisexuality?) as the reason that this is “a hot trend!” So perhaps they are right about one thing: Anyone that considers themselves a flexisexual is truly a girl that will kiss another girl just for male attention, not because she wants to or is attracted to that girl. Although, I don’t see that kind of woman signing up for a hook-up site when she can just go to the closest bar with her boyfriend, put on some cherry Chapstick, take a shot and kiss the nearest female with a pair of lips.

Please revisit Heather Hogan’s “are you flexisexual” chart if you have any further questions. I’m talking to you, Kate Crowe.