Christina Ricci may take to the air in “Pan Am”

Christina Ricci is a favorite of mine, mainly because she takes on such strange, challenging roles. I mean, how many Hollywood starlets would take a part that requires them to have a pig nose for most of the film?

The Opposite of Sex brought her the most critical acclaim, but my favorite Ricci role was Selby, opposite Charlize Theron, in Monster. Her performance was underrated, IMO, because of Theron’s Oscar-winning turn, but Ricci knew going in to the film that the focus would be on the lead character.



Of course, Ricci is no stranger to TV, guest starring from time to time for story arcs in series like Grey’s Anatomy and Saving Grace. But soon we may get to see her every week, if ABC gets its way. According to Hollywood Reporter, Ricci is in talks to star in Pan Am, a new drama from West Wing producer Thomas Schlamme and ER producer Jack Orman.

Pan Am is a 1960s-era nighttime soap revolving around the pilots and flight attendants (“stewardesses”) of Pan American’s state-of-the-art aircraft, The Majestic. Australian actress and Neighbours star Margot Robbie already has been cast as Laura, a new stewardess who just left her fiancé at the altar.

Ricci will likely play one of the other flight attendants: Maggie, perfectly coiffed for flights but living as a beatnik in Greenwich Village when off duty; Kate, an undercover CIA agent; and Collette, a sophisticated French woman having an affair with a married man who shows up with his wife and child on The Majestic’s first flight.

ABC is hoping Pan Am will match the success of the ’60s-based hit Mad Men and, according to previews of the script, the show has a good shot at being a hit. Look for a review next week from our very own Pilot Pirate, Lesley Goldberg. I can hardly wait to hear how “walk-and-talk” works on a plane.

Are you excited about the possibility of Christina Ricci starring in a TV series? Does Pan Am sound like a show you’ll watch?