This Week in Lesbianish TV: March 4 – March 11

We run a lot of recaps on, but we aren’t able to run them on every single show with a lesbian or bisexual female character. It’s a great problem to have, really — too many shows on television with gay women. So we decided to do a weekly column giving you the basics on the lesbianish storylines and highlights from out lesbians who have regular shows on the tube. If we miss anything, we’d love for you to send us a tip.


GLEE (Tuesdays, Fox): In the most Brittana-full episode ever, Santana shares her true feelings for Brittany, and they sing a duet to “Landslide.” Also, there’s a scandalous performance of Joan Jett‘s “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” Watch full episodes at


Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Mondays): Paige goes on a date with Sean, despite Emily’s feelings about it. Paige tells Emily it went OK, but she knows she’s gay, it’s just hard to say it — and own it. Watch the full episode at

Skins (MTV, Mondays): Daisy tries to help mend Abbud and Tea’s friendship. Tea tries to explain herself: She’s a lesbian, but she found something she liked in Tony. Watch full episodes at



White Collar (USA, Wednesdays): On the season finale, Mozzi called Diana to let her know Neal is MIA. Diana informs her Peter is also nowhere to be found, and they go on the search for the missing men. Using a tracking device, they find them just in time — they were about to drown.


Our America with Lisa Ling: (OWN, Tuesday) On an episode called “Pray Away the Gay?” two females were followed: Janet, an ex-lesbian who preaches to others hoping to turn straight and Chelsea, a lesbian teenager who attended The Naming Project, an all-gay Christian summer camp.


The Amazing Race: (CBS, Sundays) Kisha and Jen come in fourth after touching down in Hong Kong. They’re safe for another week. Watch full episodes at


Daily Talk Shows

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (WB): This week, Ellen asked Ellen Pompeo to dish on the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy coming up which is, of course, all about Callie. Ellen also rocked some fabulous ties this week, including this day when she read from her journal.Watch full episodes at


The Rachel Maddow Show ( MSNBC): Rachel reported on the budget crisis and the latest happenings in Wisconsin. She also used the word “schtupee” artfully in a funny segment on Nevada’s senator John Ensign. Watch full episodes at


The Suze Orman Show (Fridays, CNBC): Suze dedicated an episode to celebrating her 10th year on air. Watch video clips at


The Talk (CBS): On Friday’s show, Sara Gilbert talked about when her family briefly moved in with her mom, and how her mom treated her partner Ali like a friend. She said this only because her mom did not think twice to interrupt them once they went into the bedroom. Also, it was a Roseanne reunion when Johnny Galecki stopped by. Watch full episodes at