Wonder Woman gets a costume change

You remember when NBC released the first look at the new Wonder Woman costume and we all wailed and gnashed our teeth at the shiny, shiny, porny, porniness of it all? Well, looks like the message was received because star Adrianne Palicki showed up on the streets of Hollywood last night for filming in a new, less shiny, slightly less porny look. (Hey, we’ll take our progress where we can get it these days.)

The new look was caught by The Daily BLAM! last night during production. Gone are the shiny, bright blue PVC pants, replaced by darker stretchy pants with gold stars down the sides. Gone are the blue, high-heeled boots, replaced by red, flat-soled boots. Even though those tweaks are relatively minor, they make a world of difference. Those pants at least look like they can move with her. And her red boots look more iconic and less like leggings extensions. The whole thing is more practical, like something she might actually be able to run down the street in while chasing a bad guy.

But, and there is always a but, there is still the delicate issue of the Wonder twins. I don’t know what kind of sticky tape/super glue the production team is using to keep Palicki’s gals in place, but it makes me nervous. I live in mortal fear of an epic Wonder wardrobe malfunction with her running around in that bustier. Don’t get me wrong — it looks good and she’s filling it out nicely. But would two little straps have killed anyone?

Still that changes were made so quickly to the costume in response to public outcry is a good sign. It means they’re aware of both the interest and ownership fans feel in this character. I don’t know anyone who is rooting for this reboot to fail – in fact, quite the opposite. People want it to be better so it can succeed and live up to its roots as one of the most famous feminist icons of all time. Now if we can only do something about that damn script.

So, what do you think? Vast improvement? Still a Wonder fail? I’ll tell you one thing — Palicki sure looks ready to kick some ass in that costume.