What Jane Lynch won’t say on television

Tuesday night on Glee, we saw Sue Sylvester’s fangs when, for the umpteenth time, she went to great lengths to foil the glee club with the creation of her Legion of Doom. It’s just the latest in a very long line of villainous schemes the snarky cheerleading coach has come up with — and there have been many.

In the lead-up to Glee’s Tuesday return, TVGuide.com compiled a comprehensive timeline of Sue’s evil plans dating back to the pilot. The episode-by-episode breakdown includes 17 offenses from Season 1 and another nine — so far! — from Season 2 that provide an incredible play-by-play of the lengths Sue has gone to in her bid to foil New Directions.

Some highlights: In “Throwdown,” she pits New Directions against each other, breaking the stars from the minority kids and forever labeling Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) with the nickname “Other Asian.” In Season 2’s “Britney/Brittany,” she pulls the fire alarm and abruptly ends the glee club’s racy performance of “Toxic.” (Much to our own chagrin.)

While there are plenty of additional examples of her madness, Sue has also given the glee club some of our favorite characters: Her plan in Episode 2 to send Quinn (Dianna Agron), Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) in as spies completely backfired when the trio decided to use their vocal prowess for good instead of evil.

While it’s insanely fun watching Sue come up empty-handed more often than not, perhaps the best thing about how crazy she may be is how Jane Lynch is completely different than her on-screen alter-ego.

In a recent video interview with Give Me My Remote, Lynch, after briefly discussing her evil Legion of Doom, reveals one of the best Sue lines that never made it to air — and it’s about cats!

“Sometimes Ian [Brennan] will write a horrible line just to see if it gets passed and one did — where I say I skin a cat alive,” Lynch says. “I have five cats. I said, ‘I can’t say this!’ “

She goes on to comment on what she thinks of Brittany and Santana’s relationship — “I love it! It looks like Santana is gay, which is lovely; it’s nice to have a gay girl because we have such nice gay boys” — and Lynch has us eating out of the palm of her hand. Again.

Lynch, who has been acting professionally longer than some of her co-stars have been alive, has a reputation for being fantastic. Following a two-hour Q&A with acting publication Back Stage, the moderator recapped her panel with Lynch and called her “one of the nicest people in the business.” Lynch also playfully discussed coming out to her parents as an actor: “Come out as an actor? That’s a different story!”

All told, Tuesday’s episode may have seen Lynch’s plans foiled yet again — damn those meddling kids! — but seeing someone as hard-working, talented and friendly as Lynch play completely against type may be the best part of the series.