Jennifer and LaKisha Hoffman win big on Season 18 of “The Amazing Race”

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business concluded last night with sisters Jennifer and LaKisha Hoffman, one of the more overlooked teams in the season, crossing the finish line first to snag the million dollars. Eleven losing teams from previous seasons were invited back for a second chance at the jackpot, and the athletic sister pair managed to correct the fatal error in China in season 14, where an ill-timed bathroom break led to their elimination. spoke to LaKisha, the first out lesbian to win The Amazing Race, and her sister about their experience on the show and what it felt like to win the second time around. Kisha, the infamous clip of Jen running to the bathroom in season 14 was shown throughout this season, the bathroom break that caused you two to be eliminated. Were you mad at her after that? Have you forgiven her now that you’ve won a million dollars?
Kisha Hoffman: I actually did —at that time — kind of hold a grudge that she pissed away a million dollars. But it was a chance for us to come back for unfinished business! [Laughs]

AE: The final leg over the seven mile bridge to the final pit stop was intense. Were you certain you could beat the Globetrotters or was it dicey for a while?
You know when you reach the point where you think, “I don’t think I can go anymore?” When I was on that bridge, I was at that point. I was just so tired. When we were on that bridge, I thought that Jen did a great job of encouraging me. We knew they were right behind us, and we pushed through it.

AE: What was your favorite challenge this season?
Jen Hoffman:
I think both the both of us our favorite challenge this season was the challenge in Zermatt, Switzerland where we got to ride the helicopter, and I know my sister is afraid of heights and she said she was so happy when our feet touched the ground. But it was a very good experience for us, to learn what people do when they rescue individuals trapped in a crevice of a glacier. It was such an incredible opportunity that we will never ever see again.

AE: Let’s talk about food challenges. In Austria you opted for the twelve minute wiener schnitzel challenge on the Ferris wheel which proved to be too difficult. But then you opted for the fondue challenge in Switzerland, which also had to be aborted. What were you thinking?
The schnitzel challenge was timed, and when we realized the fondue challenge wasn’t timed, I was like, “I like cheese.” And I hadn’t eaten in 36 hours. I was starving, and I think we both were.

AE: So with that being said, let me ask you this: Kisha, you live in New York City, so here’s a hypothetical detour challenge. Eat an entire serving of phaal curry at Brick Lane, the hottest curry dish in NYC, which is excruciatingly spicy or would you choose to move a sofa to the Bronx from the IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn using only public transportation?
KH: I would still pick to eat!

JH: She is completely lying, because she is really picky when it comes to food! She wouldn’t choose to eat! [Laughs]

AE: Which was more miserable? Searching for a plastic frog in a giant frigid mud pit or making patties out of cow manure?
I definitely think the mud, rolling around in frigid temperatures. That was definitely more challenging. The poop challenge did not go very well, and we argued trying to make the perfect patty, but I would still definitely say the mud.

AE: Kisha, you are an out lesbian, which was never mentioned on the show and for the show, it isn’t really relevant. But your lesbian fans have a burning question to ask you. Are you single?
I am single. Both of us are, I’ll have to admit, but I am technically single.

AE: “Technically” single? What does that mean?
[Both Kisha and Jen laugh]

AE: Do you go out in the city at all? What are your favorite spots – either gay or straight?
I’m in graduate school and I coach, so that takes up so much of my time. I’m a homebody and I like to sit on the couch, get in my bed and watch TV. I do think I need to start socializing more though!

AE: Lastly, what are you two going to do with the million dollars?
We still have to wrap our heads around the fact that it actually happened. We really just need to sit down and soak it all in. There are some things we know we want to do with the money, but we’re really just trying to enjoy the experience and what’s happening in the moment.