Should Jane Lynch bring Sue Sylvester to the Emmys?

Never have I seen the television world so united as it is in its glee that the host of this year’s Emmy Awards is Jane Lynch.

But the past few days I’ve seen some interesting — and divergent — thoughts about whether Sue Sylvester should appear as well.

The Hollywood Reporter seems to think that Jane Lynch is Sue Sylvester, if its post on the matter is any indication. Four of writer Tim Appelo’s five reasons that Jane Lynch hosting the Emmys is a great idea are about Sue. Even his fifth reason — that seeing Lynch give herself an Emmy would be cool — was turned into Sue grabbing the statue out of any other winner’s hand.

Time disagrees, citing Lynch’s comment when she got the Emmy gig: “I’m looking forward to singing, dancing and sporting my finest tracksuit.”

Will Jane channel Sue at the awards? More to the point, do we want her to?

Quoting Time: “Nothing against Lynch or Sue — well, yes, I do have something against Sue. She’s a funny character and Lynch plays her brilliantly, but she’s overused on Glee and in pretty much everything used to promote Glee.”

That, of course, is the problem. This year’s Emmys are on Fox — the home of Glee. Do we really expect the network to refrain from milking the last ounce of hype from the show?

Personally, I’d much rather see Jane hosting. She is lovely and funny and charming — and an out and proud lesbian. Sue? Not so much.

New York Magazine’s Vulture column describes its “instant nightmare” about Sue in her tracksuit “floating around various TV soundstages like Billy Crystal on his way to Pilates.”

If we have to have Sue Sylvester and that’s all we have of her, I’m cool with that. But Vulture fears a “Sue-pacalypse” and pleads with Emmy producer Mark Burnett to go a different way.

“This means no opening segment featuring 100 dancing Sue Sylvesters in matching tracksuits. No sketches in which Sue makes a pretaped visit to Pawnee and beats up Tom Haverford, or heads to Cougar Town to drink Merlot, or solves a murder for the Bones brigade. No duet in which Sue and the title character of Despicable Me debate who’s meaner.”

OK, Tom Haverford and Sue Sylvester verbally sparring would be awesome. But I would sacrifice that moment to see Jane Lynch in all her glory being her delightful self.

I think sometimes the world forgets that Lynch has had a long and funny career that started long before Sue Sylvester was a gleam in Ryan Murphy’s eye. Besides, Lynch has the kind of quick-witted improv skills that can turn an awkward situation into comedy gold.

I say, let Jane be Jane. I’d much rather see her in a tux than a tracksuit.

What do you think? Jane Lynch or Sue Sylvester? Or both?