10 Things You Need to Remember Before Tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars”

The best thing about the bizarro way ABC Family chops up its TV seasons is that we don’t have to wait half a year to get back to our favorite shows. Why, it’s only been three months since we last saw our favorite Liars huddled around Ian’s hanging body, discussing things like, “Who murdered him? How deep did his creepy run, really? What color is that nail polish, Aria? Do you think it would look good on toes, too? JEEPERS H. CHRISTMAS, WHERE DID IAN GO?!”

The thing about Pretty Little Liars, though, is that even a week away is enough time for you to forget the Scooby shenanigans intricacies of the plot. So, I’ve made a list of 10 things you need to remember before tonight’s season two premiere. (If this is your introduction to Pretty Little Liars, welcome, my child. We’ve been waiting for you.)

1) Evil takes a human form in Alison Dilaurentis

Alison was the original Queen Bee of the Liars. She was also the bitchiest bitch to ever bitch. She gave Hanna an eating disorder, she wrecked Aria’s parents’ marriage, she made Spencer into some kind of boyfriend snatcher, and she turned Emily into a lesbian. OK, fine; she didn’t cause those things, but she was certainly the catalyst. She was the most horrible person on earth. The only good thing she ever did was show Emily how awesome boobs are. Then she went and got herself murdered. 

2) A’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets

After Alison died, her four best buddies — Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily — went their separate ways. When the cops discovered Alison’s body a year later, the Liars came back together because some mysterious person(s) named “A” found all their secrets and started blackmailing them. The hands-down best blackmailing involves: Texts read aloud in unison, Hannah eating an entire box of pig-shaped cupcakes, someone getting mowed down by a car and/or attacked by a vampire.

3) Emily always has an awesome time. She drinks awesome shooters, listens to awesome music, and then everyone just sits around and soaks up her awesomeness

Emily’s original secret is that she’s a lesbian. She was in love with Alison, but after Ali died and Ems came out, girl straight up played the game. She dated Maya, who got sent off to juvie camp; Paige, who tried to drown her but then made up and made out with her; and now she’s got her eye on some GSA prez named Sammara. Emily’s dad is in the army and he’s a-ok with the gay thing. Emily’s mom? Not so much. She wants to pack up Emily and move her to Texas, where the sun is hot and the women have hair as big as the sky.

4) Hanna is sorry everyone’s jealous of her, but she can’t help it she’s so popular

Hanna was “chubby” until Alison gave her an eating disorder. Then Alison died and Hanna became the Queen Bee. She dated the football captain, but he wouldn’t sleep with her. So she kind of dated the hobbit who ran the yearbook, but he had muddy shoes. So then she dated a hobo who lived in the school ventilation system, and he was happy to swipe her V-card. Hanna turns out to the be the sweetest, most supportive friend in Rosewood, PA.