Lisa Edelstein joins “The Good Wife” and Archie Panjabi talks Kalinda

The good hospital administrator is joining The Good Wife. Former House star Lisa Edelstein is joining the hit CBS series for a multi-episode arc next season. According to, Edelstein will appear early in the season as “a lawyer and born poker player whose sexiness is enhanced by her obvious intelligence.”

Rumor has it her character also shares a past with Will, though it isn’t clear whether that past is professional or personal. The actress shocked House fans when it was announced she was leaving the medical series after contract negotiations failed. Her new gig means she will be going from one show with a mysterious female bisexual character to another. So, at least she’s being consistent.

Speaking of The Good Wife’s resident mysterious female bisexual character, Kalinda, actress Archie Panjabi foresees an interesting season ahead for our favorite boot-wearing detective. While at the Monte Carlo TV Festival earlier this month she discussed whether Kalinda’s friendship with Alisha can be salvaged. She told E! Online:

(Y)ou’ve got two women who are very fond of each other but this incident has happened. You would think they can’t be friends, but with The Good Wife you never know….I definitely think that Kalinda instinctively has always cared for Alicia a lot and will continue to look after her, that’s in her DNA. So I think the ball will very much be in Alicia’s court and whether she can forgive Kalinda for what she’s done. In her eyes, it’s morally wrong, but at the same time Alicia doesn’t have very many friends. It will be interesting, I don’t think it’s impossible, but if it is possible it will take time.

She also talked with Digital Spy about all the speculation around Kalinda’s sexuality, which went from curious to definitely bi last season.

I like the idea they didn’t sensationalize it. They didn’t have one big reveal. It’s not been a big issue. People have been intrigued with Kalinda full stop and her sexuality is just one aspect of it, so I just think it’s clever writing. It’s a very collaborative process so I kind of get to have an input on it. It’s a very, very rewarding feeling to know you’re contributing to what’s ultimately coming out. For some reason people from all sorts of backgrounds seem to connect to that character. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is but the quality of that character seems to resonate with people from all ages, both sexes. I wish I could just nail it down to what it is and use it for all my characters, but I don’t know what it is!

Any what about future hook-ups for our lady of the leather jackets? Like will Sophia (played by Kelli Giddish), the woman Kalinda wrinkled the sheets with last season, only to leave abruptly after she found out she was married.

I think she’s coming back. I certainly got on with her very well, Kelli Giddish, and I think they liked the chemistry between the two of us so hopefully, yeah.

You know who I want back? Big-time FBI lady Lana Delaney (the lovely Jill Flint). But Flint’s job on Royal Pains may mean no more frisky government job offers are in the future for Kalinda.

So, excited about the Edelstein news? Think we’ll see more lady action with Kalinda? Me, I’m just happy for a show that gives so many talented actresses richly drawn female characters to play.