“All My Children” Lesbian recap: Father knows better

Our beloved Minx was back in Friday’s episode! I don’t know about you, but after the interview with Christina Bennett Lind and Sarah Glendening, I love their characters even more.

Hat tip to LifeOnVenus for posting that pic from AMC Fan Week. You can find more at The PV Exposer.

Friday’s All My Children episode was one of the funniest and most entertaining I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know a psychiatric facility could be so full of win. Combining the craziness of Janet, Annie, and Marian with the unmitigated snark of Erica was just brilliant. When Opal joined the mix, the scenes were nothing less than perfection.

Reader beecharmerfromohio posted some fabulous gifs of the Ladies of Oak Haven in the forum. Do not miss them.

The Minx story advanced today, even though it focused mostly on Marissa and JR. First, though, Marissa visited her dad, David, to tell him about her relationship with Bianca and to ask him to back off of Erica because it was upsetting Binx.


David’s comment about healthcare was a little random, but I did appreciate that his reaction to Marissa being with Bianca was basically, “If you’re happy, I’m happy.” And Marissa going to him like that was very much in keeping with her commitment to the relationship. Don’t make my girl sad, Daddy.

Marissa joins Bianca and AJ at Krystal’s, where she greets Binx with a kiss — in front of AJ. Just like a regular, in-love couple.


In many ways, that moment is just as significant as lesbians kissing, getting married and being in bed together onscreen. Maybe more. Not only do the women kiss in front of AJ, but it’s a very natural greeting. No big deal, no comment, no teaser about The First Lesbian Couple Saying Hello With A Kiss On Daytime TV. It happened and life went on. As it should.

(Admittedly, I didn’t realize the scene’s significance the first couple of times I watched. I was too distracted by Marissa’s shoulders.)

Of course, JR has to ruin the happy lunch.


This scene plays very much like it would if Marissa had fallen for another guy. I think JR’s reaction would’ve been exactly the same – except he might have decked the guy.


This will not end well.


When Bianca stops Marissa from following JR, she shows a lot of confidence in the women’s relationship — and a lot of love for Marissa. I really don’t think that the Bianca we used to know — even as recently as with Reese — would have stepped in like that. To me, it’s one more bit of evidence that Minx is a different kind of relationship for Bianca, one with more depth and maturity.

Minx and AJ take a walk through the park and we get a glimpse of their future family. I hope we get lots more scenes like this, especially when Miranda and Gabby get back.


JR again ruins the happy moment. The scary music, the booze bottle, the close-ups of the key turning — classic soap opera foreshadowing. JR is for sure going to wreck Bianca’s car. What that will mean remains to be seen.

Minx is moving along at a nice pace with some good couple moments and healthy decisions. So, I don’t want to end with a downer. Instead, here’s another gif (thanks, seriam) from the AMC Fan Event over the weekend – this is Sarah’s response when asked about Minx.

I feel exactly the same way.

What did you think of this episode? Did you like the Minx scenes?