Straight stars get the Gay Goggles treatment on Twitter

If you’re like me, you like following celebrities on Twitter. And, if you’re like me, you also enjoy excessively parsing what each character in those 140-character missives really means. Over the weekend, many famous straight allies (or straight-identified allies, however you prefer to label them so you won’t yell at me in the comments) tweeted out some rather gayish tweets ripe for overanalyzing. In and of themselves, they’re not too big of a deal. But when given a closer look using our very special Gay Goggles, we can see what each star really meant.

How do these Gay Goggles work, exactly, you ask? It’s simple, really. First, you look at what the celebrity actually tweeted. Then, you put on the Gay Googles and see the rainbow-colored ramifications of their tweet.

So, when Glee star Lea Michele tweeted that she enjoyed watching The Real L Word:

With Gay Goggles on we see: Dianna Agron coming over to watch it with her. Achele now, Achele forever.

When teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus tweeted her support of LGBT marriage equality via her new tattoo:

With Gay Googles on we see: A correlation between her dad’s achy breaky locks straight out of The Big Book of Lesbian Hair, to Miley’s current day comfort with LGBT rights.

When Pretty Little Liars creator/executive producer Marlene King tweeted out a question about Emily’s sexual orientation:

With Gay Goggles we see: A run on pitchforks and torches in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

And finally, when Body of Proof star Dana Delany tweeted some very specific advice via her lascivious The L Word character Sen. Barbara Grisham:

With Gay Goggle we see: Bette Porter was a fool to turn her down, a fool.

So, how would you apply the Gay Goggles to these tweets? Or what other tweets have you used these rainbow-tinted glasses on recently. Discuss.