Yvonne Strahovski is happy to hear it’s not just fanboys geeking out over her

Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski is absolutely stunning in person, just in case you were wondering. The Chuck star says it takes a “big team of people” to help her look this way, starting at “5 o’clock in the morning,” but I’m pretty sure it also has to do with fantastic genes.

While at the NBC TCA party Monday night, I asked Yvonne if she was aware that lesbians love her, as well as her character, Agent Sarah Walker.

“Oh no, I’m not aware!” she said, genuinely surprised. “I needed to know!”

Yvonne said it has to do with how kick ass her Chuck persona is. “Probably because I’m a powerful strong, character; a spy!” she said, which is why Chuck fans of all kinds love her, of course. But in a battle between fanboys and fan-lesbians, Yvonne says she’s now convinced that one would win over the other.

“Oh s–t! I think the fan-lesbians would win for sure!” she said. “Go team lesbian. I’m on that side.”

She sees the light! As to if we’ll ever see Agent Sarah Walker engaging in a little girl-on-girl spy games, she said Sarah could definitely kiss a girl. “Sure, why not?”

Chuck will return for a new season on Fridays this Fall on NBC.