“Glee” adds two female characters, and a Bubba

Are you confused about what’ll be happening in the future for the cast of Glee? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – so are the creators, what with their tendency to contradict one another and give petulant interviews. They will graduate and leave! They will graduate but won’t leave! No one gets a spin-off, so there!

Now the latest casting rumor, according to TVline.com, is that William McKinley High School will add to new female students, and a dude named Bubba. So who are the new girls? Per TVline, their characters are described as:

Sugar: “She’s basically RHNJ’s Danielle Staub, only in high school. Affluent, self-confident and a godawful singer.”

Sheila: “A modern-day Joan Jett, actually has her own pack of Blackhearts and the tats to go with ’em.”

Is it just me or does Sugar sounds a bit like Season 1 Quinn, minus the singing talent and teenage pregnancy. Sheila, on the other hand, sounds a tad lesbionic – or as lesbionic as something can sound in a one-sentence description without using the word “lesbian.”

The TVline article describes the characters as “Mean Girls,” but without any explanation. Are these two new gals supposed to be foils for our loveable Glee kids? Or is that just the site projecting because, naturally, any new female character will be in competition with existing female characters? Insert audible sigh here.

Other new adds for the new season are a “gigantosaur” new linebacker for the football team named Bubba. At Comic-Con it was revealed that he will be Mercedes’ new boyfriend. They’re also casting for a sixtysomething actress to play a geometry teacher who hates arts education in schools. So, pretty-much Sue’s math doppelganger?

The show is no stranger to new cast additions: Blaine, Sam, Lauren, Becky, Coach Beiste. It also remains to be seen how large a role the new female characters will play.

I’ll admit, I’m not too interested in the character of Sugar. I mean, a) she’s called Sugar and b) the rich, confident girl isn’t exactly something we’ve never seen on TV before. But, I am interested in Sheila because Joan Jett is pertinent to all of my interests.

So, dream scenario: Fed up with singing back-up to Rachel’s show tunes extravaganza, Santana and Brittany join Sheila in their own version of The Gleeaways, rock out and wear lots of leather.

So, intrigued by the new additions? Worried? Just want Brittana to be on, always on in the new season? Discuss.