Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and Lea Michele talk tour, that on-stage kiss and “The Real L Word”

When I got to the Fox TCA Party at Gladstone’s in Malibu on Friday, I knew I had to make a beeline for the Glee girls because they wouldn’t be sticking around long. They had a huge press day Saturday for the premiere of the Glee Live 3-D film, and would be needing to get their beauty sleep in preparation.

The first woman I spotted was Naya Rivera, who was definitely at the top of my list. She had a line of reporters waiting to talk to her, and her publicist warned us all that she wasn’t sticking around long. Thankfully she loves, and chanted “We’re number one!” regarding Naya’s reign as the Hot 100 queen this year. I waited patiently, admiring Naya’s red pumps and casual demeanor as she answered questions from a handful of others before I had my chance.

So here’s what she knows about the new season: Close to nothing. “I have no idea!” she said. “I literally have no idea!” Regarding Santana getting a love interest or coming out to her family: “I hope so! Those are things they could explore, so we’ll see!”

What she does know from the first episode, however, is that Santana is definitely graduating this year. Naya said she has an idea of how Santana spent her summer vacation.

“I think she literally was racking her brain about this whole senior year thing and was stressed about how she’s going to come back,” Naya said. “She’s a very pre-planning person, so she probably spent the summer plotting.”

Naya herself spent the summer on stage with her castmates, of course, and I had to ask about the kiss she shared with Heather Morris during the Dublin date.

“It was the last show and everybody had that ‘balls to the wall’ fun attitude and, you know, the fans love it. Give them what they want,” Naya said. “I was just like ‘Hey’ and I asked Chris and Darrin and everybody, I said ‘Would you guys mind if I like came out for a second and gave her a little mouse kiss?’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, sure let’s do it!’ It just ended up being a fun thing.”

A very fun thing, indeed. Naya doesn’t have any particular songs she’d want to sing with Heather this year, as she’s still happy with their performance of the Britney Spears/Madonna duet last year.

“Well ‘Me Against the Music’ was fantastic,” she said. “I don’t think I can [outdo that] so I guess we did it!”

And those of you waiting patiently for Naya to release her solo debut can rest assured she is already hard at work on it.

“I’ve started working with different people. I’ve done a couple songs,” she said. “It’s an exploration process, just trying to figure out what it is. So it’s not so much doing the album, it’s like ‘let’s see what we’re doing!'”

What a tease! (We love it.) I told her she looked gorgeous as always, and later spotted her chatting with castmates Harry Shum Jr. and Ashley Fink.