“Daughters of Club Bilitis” recap

Being an ex-pat American lesbian living in South Korea, when I turn on the television, I don’t expect to see anything that reflects me. Especially, I don’t expect to see anything queer. So I was as surprised as the rest of the country that KBS, a publicly owned broadcasting network, had produced The Daughters of Club Blilitis.

The one-hour drama special follows three couples, each from a different generation, and the ways in which being queer has affected their lives. 

Juyeon and Yeongyeong

The show starts with Juyeon, a student at a homophobic all girl’s high school. She is making a documentary about “people like her,” and generally trying to get through high school without being discovered as a lesbian. However, she naively keeps photos of her crush on her smart phone and stares at the object of her affection whenever she gets a chance. 

Then appears Yeongyeon. She catches Juyeon staring at her crush, Nari, from afar.

Yeongyeon: If you’re going to be that obvious, you might as well just confess, otherwise you should try to hide it better. I could tell right away that we are on the same team.

Later, Yeongyeon apologizes via text message for being so shocking, and the girls meet outside of school to talk about Juyeon’s documentary. There Yeongyeon recommends that Juyeon join an online community in order to meet some cooler, older adults.

So Juyeon does just that and meets an older woman in a cafe to interview for her documentary.

And that woman is Hanna. Unfortunately, Hanna seems a bit on the irritated side. She has to leave the interview early, but not before she writes something down in Juyeon’s notebook.

Hanna: Go here if you are looking for advice. You can find someone to talk to.