“Hand aufs Herz” recap: Under the Covers

Guten tag! I am abject, pleading apologies for the time it has taken me to get another Hand aufs Herz recap to you. Would you forgive me if I promise you a little of this?

No? OK, how about this instead?

Yeah, I thought you’d forget to think if I flashed Lucy Scherer‘s half-nakedness at you. And I was right, huh? 

When last we left our favorite German lezzers, they’d decided to start cuddling and stop miscommunicating, and it was happy day for everyone, except for me — because I almost hyperventilated from my incessant swooning. Of course, as soon as Jenny and Emma properly kindled their flame, they had to contend with an actual ball of fire because the STAG bus exploded. But Jenny made even mayhem better, because that’s what she does.

Jenny has Emma pressed up against some lockers — because now that Emma has finally given in to kissing Jenny, she literally cannot stop herself. I’m pretty sure this is happening between classes because there’s no one in the hallway, which probably means they’ve been snogging and caressing each other’s faces for an hour. I’m not sure how they’re still standing, to be honest; I’m getting light-headed from just this 30 seconds.

There’s a KATHUNK! in the distance, and Emma pulls away, and then goes to war with herself: “You make me so happy I feel like the only thing keeping me from going everywhere at once is my skin, but I’m kind of afraid of letting my head explode in public, but you deserve to be with someone who doesn’t mind letting her brain melt right in the middle of the mall, but then if that happened we wouldn’t be able to make out anymore, which is, frankly, all the best parts of my day combined into one glorious canoodle, but then also —”

Jenny’s like, “As usual, you are fighting with yourself in a valid and thorough way, but another idea is: We can keep kissing.”

Point Hartmann.

At STAG rehearsal, Bea has the revolutionary idea of letting the group perform in front of the whole school. Emma Emmas about, “But if we perform in front of the whole school, the whole school will hear us performing!” Jenny hops into action before Emma gets lost again in her hyper-active imagination. She’s like, “We’ll be great, of course! It’s not like we’re staging a coming out party or anything; just a simple song and dance!”