“All My Children” lesbian recap: Just a starter house in the suburbs

All My Children must be feeling the love this week, because we got another day of Minx. And this episode was as endearing as the previous one was intense.

JR is back to obsessively watching Minx sex because, well, I don’t know. I think it’s time to just send that disc on to me for analysis.


Maybe he’s trying to figure out why Marissa kept screaming out God’s name when she never seemed all that religious before.

The Lesbiterians, meanwhile, are back at Krystal’s being adorably in love.


I really love the little scene with AJ — “We like each other.” I’m also ready for Gabby and Miranda to rejoin the family and get some of those brownies AJ is packing in. Pretty soon, he’s going to be a poster child for Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity campaign.

Marissa doesn’t even have to explain to Tad what’s on JR’s blackmail tape; Tad knows immediately. And he knows that only Dixie can talk some sense into her son.

But Dixie can’t get JR to listen to her, even when she tells him the board of Chandler Enterprises voted him out. JR just sits and watches the sex tape; he thinks he can deal with business after he gets AJ back. Right, JR.

Tad apparates back to the mansion in time to let Dixie in on what JR’s watching before she sees it and has to be brought back from the dead again. But Marissa is worried that AJ will see the video while he’s randomly surfing the net. Does nobody in Pine Valley know about parental control?


AJ, genius psychic artist that he is, has drawn a new house, but before he can draw two beautiful mommies, a monster daddy and a teeny tiny little boy, Binx asks to use the laptop.


Wait — this house only has 4 bedrooms? (Don’t pretend that you didn’t enlarge a screencap of the listing.) Each bedroom must be as big as my own house. No matter; it’s perfect.

It’s also already sold.


I thought for a minute that Bianca was going to break into the house. I guess, though, that she has to stay out of jail, since the rest of her family spends so much time there.

And no worries, beecharmerfromohio made a gif of the dance.

The house was perfect, of course, because we only have a few weeks of AMC left. So, Marissa and Bianca find a private spot to have a quiet, intimate conversation with the kids about moving in together.


Gabby can talk! She’s absolutely edible, isn’t she?

I love the fact that Marissa and Bianca had a big talk planned about all the different kinds of families and all the kids wanted to know was if they get their own rooms. Their own suites is more like it.

Hey, I think I just figured out why we never see Krystal any more. She’s chained in the kitchen making brownies 24/7.

As always, JR shows up just in time to put a damper on the Minx joy. But this time, Bianca is not having it.


Oh, Butch Bianca, where have you been?

Looks like Dixie and Tad got through to JR, after all — at least for now.

Give us your thoughts on this episode of All My Children. Do you think JR is going to accept reality at last? How cute is dancing Minx?