Will the “Warehouse 13” season finale deliver on the subtext?

Consider this the Super Bowl for Warehouse 13 shippers. Tonight’s two-hour season finale could finally give fans of Agent Myka Bering and H.G. Wells subtext some satisfaction, or at the very least some much-needed screen time. We ask for so little, TV gods, give us some good grappling hook action – if you know what I mean.

At Comic-Con this July, series star Joanne Kelly confirmed the subtext many fans of the show have picked up on last season, saying her character Myka and Jaime Murray’s character HG “fell in love a little bit.” But since then shippers have had precious little to evidence of said love. Some of this is the whole, HG being imprisoned in non-corporeal form in an undisclosed location-thing. But still it’s been a let bit of a letdown to have the stars themselves discuss their character’s attraction, and then only see it hinted at on screen.

So a lot is riding on tonight’s third-season finale of the SyFy drama. From promo pictures released, we know HG will make an appearance, and by the way Helena and Myka’s shoulders are touching in the first picture, it looks like she is no longer her Jem & the Holograms self. From the looks of the preview, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.


So, what in your dream shipper fantasies would you like to see happen in the finale? We know the storyline involving the disgruntled former artifact victim turned evil mastermind (played by Anthony Michael Hall) will come to a head. But how will HG be sprung, if she is indeed sprung? Who will die? And will we get any actualization of the subtext? Pretty, pretty please with artifact neutralizer on top.

Because SyFy creators are in the very, very earliest stages of possibly developing an HG Wells Warehouse 13 spin-off show, I doubt we’ll have many more chances to see Myka and HG together. Also because star Murray has another role on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new series, Ringer.

So, do you still have hope for Myka and HG? What do you want in the finale?