“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.05): “Loss, Love and Legacy”

Happy Friday! For all you Grey’s Anatomy fans, here’s a breakdown of last night’s “Loss, Love and Legacy” episode (AKA “The Girls are Back in Town!”)

AfterEllen Bait (What enticement did the episode use to reel in gay lady viewers?

Cristina is apparently having a good day because she’s dancing around the kitchen cooking eggs. Breakfast never looked so good. Lexie is back. Well, just long enough to show off her adorable little bangs and explain that Avery’s mother is coming to town so she has to vacate the state. And who is playing Avery’s mother? The Emmy Award-winning choreographer and Fame star Debbie Allen! She will be guest starring as the leopard print-wearing genius Dr. Katherine Avery. (Although, I will be referring to her as Debbie Allen throughout this recap.)

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings! (Did the episode have a lot of feelings or give you a lot of feelings?)

Meredith and Derek are still suffering over the loss of Zola. Meredith is hopeful that Zola will come back to them while Derek is skeptical and works his best pouty face.

A hurt Ben confronts Bailey about her relationship with Nurse Eli. Bailey looks stunned and, when Ben storms off, she watches his butt saunter away in his dark blue scrubs.

Teddy and Henry are hosting a couples-only dinner party and Mark is bummed out because he’s not invited. Sorry, Mark, three’s a crowd. Calzona will be enjoying the dinner party while he babysits Sofia. 

While Bailey’s head is spinning with sexy male co-workers, she forgets to invite Eli to the dinner party. Eli is offended and they decide to process this in front of Henry. Awkward.

Emotions fly when Zola needs surgery to clear a bowel obstruction. Alex isn’t supposed to tell Meredith that Zola is in the hospital or else it will jeopardize the adoption process. So Alex tells Cristina knowing she’ll tell Meredith the news. Derek and Meredith are understandably upset that Zola is ill, but Derek blames Meredith for everything. He hasn’t stopped being angry with her for destroying his clinical trial. Arizona and Alex head into Zola’s surgery and Alex reminds Arizona to be sensitive about the situation because it’s not fair that Meredith and Derek have no parental rights with Zola (just like Arizona doesn’t legally have control over Sofia). Arizona snaps back, “Mind your own business, Karev!”

The surgery is a success and Zola is going to be fine. Meredith bursts into tears and Cristina volunteers to stay with Zola overnight.

Meredith and Derek hold hands in the elevator and head home. The elevator door opens up on the social worker and she takes one look at the teary eyed Meredith and knows that they know what happened with Zola.

Bailey ends her relationship with Eli and it’s the best breakup ever. Eli says he understands and kisses her on the cheek.

Mark tells Debbie Allen that Avery is a great surgeon and that Lexie (who Avery hid from her) is “smart, beautiful, perfect” and Avery couldn’t do any better. (Someone is still in love with Lexie!)

At Teddy and Henry’s bust of a couple’s dinner party, Arizona confronts Callie.

Arizona: I want a piece of paper that says that Sofia’s mine. We always say we’re going to do it but we never actually do it.
Callie: Then let’s do it.
Arizona: She’s mine, she’s my baby, I mean she’s yours and she’s Mark’s but she’s mine, too. I mean, I’m the only one who can get her to go back to sleep in the middle of the night.
Callie: I know.
Arizona: And she calls me Mama. And she’s saying it to me. I’m her Mama.
Callie: I know you are. We’ll get you that piece of paper, OK? I promise.

Then they hug and Arizona lets out a big sigh of relief.

Whores and Gore (Was there an excessive amount of bed-hopping and blood? Hopefully not at the same time. )

Owen tries Cristina’s shell-filled eggs and remembers that Cristina is a better lover than she is a chef. So they “do it” right there on the kitchen floor.

Debbie Allen announces to the Seattle Grace staff that she will be performing the country’s first penis transplant. Then the penisless patient, Ryan, appears on stage and disrobes. Everyone gasps as Debbie Allen explains that Ryan had penis cancer and once his penis was removed he was cancer free. A naked Ryan stands onstage and high fives Debbie Allen. Debbie Allen announces, “So let’s give Ryan a hand.” (Everyone applauds.) “And now let’s give Ryan a penis!”

The Attendings compete to participate in Debbie Allen’s surgery. The two surgeons who do the best practicing on a chicken will get to scrub in. The top honors are given to Meredith and Avery. Ryan’s brother Chad wants to ensure that his brother gets a large penile transplant, and Avery assures them he’ll be satisfied. Chad says, “Hey, buddy, as soon as this is over I’m going to take you to test drive that thing in every strip club in Long Island.” Gross.

A topless Zola needs surgery. Put a shirt on that kid!

Bailey reveals to Richard, “I’m using one man like a play-thing (Eli). Like a plaything — often and enthusiastically.”

At the end of the successful penile transplant surgery, Mark announces, “Well I don’t know about you, but I say that’s just about the pinkest penis I’ve ever seen.”

Medical Mishaps (What’s wrong with this hospital?)

Mark encourages Avery to work with his mother on her penile transplant surgery and then slaps him on the ass.

Alex forfeits his chance to be part of the penile transplant surgery so he can tend to Zola instead. 

While Debbie Allen and April harvest the organ, Debbie asks April when she’s going to have sex with a man. Debbie says April is all wound up and needs to just get it over with.

April: Is it really that obvious?
Debbie: You keep looking at this thing (the penis) like it’s going to bite you.

Debbie flirts with Richard but he reminds her that he’s still married.

Cristina races into Debbie’s penile surgery to retrieve Meredith. April subs out with Meredith and as Debbie Allen, Avery and Mark argue over Avery’s career in plastics April accidentally destroys a part of the penile transplant so they have to go to Plan B. Luckily Mark knows how to fix a broken penis, so all ends well.

What did you think of this episode? Can Debbie Allen become a regular GA cast member? Where is Lexie really running off to?