“Tierra de lobos” seals the Isabel and Cristina relationship with a kiss

Holy Spanish lesbian hotness, Batman. Remember earlier this month when we told you in Morning Brew about the budding lesbian tensions on the Spanish soap opera Tierra de lobos? Well, last week the show moved past “budding” and into “full-blown.”

The soap, now in its second season in Spain, follows the powerful Lobo family who run a small Spanish town. Isabel (Adriana Torrebejano) is the family’s rebellious tomboy daughter. In an earlier episode she catches an eyeful (like, fully naked) of local prostitute Cristina (Berta Hernández). And, well, lesbian yearnings ensue.

In last week’s episode, Isabel and Cristina finally act on those yearnings. That is to say, Cristina finally wears down Isabel’s resistance. And this happens. (English subtitles begin after about a minute. Also, there is some brief nudity which is totally, totally worth risking it at work.)


Would it be missing the point for me to say that is perhaps the most beautifully lit soap opera make-out scene I’ve ever seen? But seriously, that was a really nicely done by both actresses. Also, look how cute and post-coital glowy Isabel is walking with her hoe afterward. No, really, a hoe. I see what you did there, Tierra de lobos.

The next episode airs Wednesday in Spain. It’s hard to say where Isabel and Cristina’s storyline is going. Cristina is apparently the favorite prostitute of Isabel’s father, the head of the Lobo family. So, you know, that won’t be awkward at Christmas dinner or anything. This being a soap, the whole thing could very well end in tears and/or the resurrection of a zombie twin. But for now, I saw we sit back and enjoy the bounty that Spain has to offer. With scenes like that, the language is universal.