Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Homeland” SnapCap (1.04)

When only four percent of scripted TV shows feature LGBT characters, what’s a gay girl to do? Why, strap on your gay goggles and watch TV along with us, of course! Our handy appraisal scale is better than any old letter grade. Other sites A+. We say, “What about our lezzy-lady feelings?”

A few weeks (in TV time) have passed since the last episode of Homeland, judging by the fact that Carrie’s FISA warrant has expired. That lets the show shift into a different mode — Jessica is not as polite with Brody as she was; Brody is a pro at playing the hero in public for the military; Carrie has been redeemed a bit in the eyes of the agency; Saul has some distance from Carrie’s betrayal. But despite her best efforts, Carrie still has no solid evidence that Brody has turned.


Sadly, we couldn’t find even a hint of subtext this week. All the women remained fully clothed and the only time we saw two ladies together, they talked about bad sex with their hubbies. We did, however, get a familiar blast from the past: Linda Purl, the girl who stole Fonzie’s heart. Aging agrees with Ms. Purl.


OK, Carrie, enough is enough. Watching Brody for clues that he might be a traitor is one thing, but staring at his business when he gets out of the shower is quite another. We see that little grin on your face, but the rest of us feel totally grossed out. Mm-kay?

Most of my feelings this week have nothing to do with whether or not Brody is a terrorist. He kills a deer. He kills a deer. The poor deer is just hanging out in the backyard, not taking tabloid pictures or anything. Chris and Jess are enjoying watching it — until Brody comes out, irritated that the deer is trampling Jessica’s tulips. Jessica doesn’t care, which seems to irritate him more. Chris is upset; Jess is almost over her hubby.

And then! At a dinner party, Brody disappears and Mike goes to find him. We hear gunshots, and think Brody has shot Mike. But, no. He. Kills. The. Deer. I hate him.


In the three weeks between episodes, Jessica and Brody have grown tired of the game. Brody’s sarcastic remarks about Mike indicate that he knows about the affair. Jess is sick of his behavior. Killing the deer, during a party, with the kids present? Last. Straw. Either Brody gets help or Jess is through with him. Go, Jess.

Meanwhile, Carrie has to give up her surveillance cameras, but she’s not about to give up watching Brody. She sits in a car in front of his house, waiting for something to happen. When Brody goes to a veterans’ support group, Carrie follows — all the way in to the meeting. As she comes to her senses, he recognizes her and follows her out. The two have instant chemistry. And we have a whole new story.


Homeland manages to change the pace of the show this week while keeping us riveted. We’re pretty sure Carrie and Brody will meet again; exactly how their relationship develops will be interesting as the show goes forward. Carrie may fall into her habit of using sex to get what she wants — and Brody may go for it to get even with Jess and Mike. Whether the relationship heads to the bedroom or not, though, Carrie and Brody have an undeniable bond. They already understand each other better than the rest of their friends and family.

We’re also beginning to see pieces of the actual terrorist plot. The couple by the airport has a contact, probably within the CIA, who tips them off when the husband is being followed. Plus, we see a new side of the agency’s view of Carrie. Her boss David is suspicious that Carrie brings attention to Abu Nazir and, almost immediately, one of her contacts sees him for the first time in years. Carrie is the watcher and the watched — a twist that will keep us watching, too.

Are you watching? What did you think of this episode of Homeland? Do you expect Brody and Carrie to have an affair? Have you decided yet whether Brody is a traitor?