“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.07): “Put Me In, Coach”

Happy Friday! Did you tune last night to Grey’s Anatomy’s latest episode, “Put Me In, Coach”? I did, so let’s play ball!

AfterEllen Bait

The Seattle Grace staff is playing softball! Seattle Grace is practicing to face off against Seattle Presbyterian in tomorrow’s big game. (My money is on Seattle Presbyterian.) The adorable Arizona is dressed up in a catcher’s uniform. That alone makes this episode a home run.

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

Teddy is still riding Cristina for not being the best surgeon she can be. Owen tells April that her job as Chief Resident has actually set her career back since she’s hiding behind paperwork rather than operating in the OR. April teams up with Callie to get her surgical heart singing again.

The Zola drama continues, and now her medical records have been subpoenaed. It’s a conflict of interest for Seattle Grace Hospital to be Zola’s care facility, so she’ll be heading to another hospital.

Meredith fears she will never see her daughter again, fretting, “Zola has probably forgotten us by now.” Yeah, probably.

Don’t worry — Alex is not going to let this stand!

Lexie is bothered by the fact that Avery and Mark are acting like buddies, and she becomes super jealous when she finds out that Mark is dating someone else. (What’s the difference between being jealous and super jealous? Violence. See below in the Medical Mishaps section.)

Cristina ends up graduating from Teddy’s imaginary medical class by finally becoming a team member. Instead of pushing everyone aside in the OR, Cristina trusts in April and encourages her to operate. Teddy congratulates Cristina and tells her to make a list of all the dream surgeries she wants to do and Teddy will try to make them happen. (Does that mean if Cristina wants to do a head transplant, Teddy will run around decapitating people? Never mind, I answered my own question.)

Whores and Gore

Mark has finally moved on from Lexie and is now dating a new lady from the Seattle Presbyterian. Every time they kiss, Lexie gags.

Carl, a sanitation worker, fell off his garbage truck and got hit by a driver backing out of the driveway. He arrives at Seattle Grace all banged up, and will most likely lose two of his fingers. When Carl reveals to Callie that he’s an artist, Callie decides to come up with a way to rebuild his hand. (Good thing Carl told Callie about his hobby or else he would have been left with a hook hand.) In the end, Callie saves the day and the man’s hand.

Derek is scheduled to remove part of his patient’s brain tumor, but he wants to try a procedure that’s no one has ever done before with the intention to remove the entire tumor. The patient’s mother passes on Derek’s risky method, but he convinces her that it’s her daughter’s only shot at actually having a full life. After many attempts on a fake brain, Derek (with the help of Lexie) heads to surgery and removes his patient’s entire tumor.

When Callie arrives at the big softball game, she squeezes Arizona’s butt and lays a big kiss on her. They are so cute together.

Medical Mishaps

“The device” that was previously put inside of Henry is defective. While Henry is making jokes, Teddy is grilling Bailey for answers.

Cristina sedates her patient because he’s annoying her while she operates. Is she allowed to do that?

Alex has been running around trying to get someone from Social Services to help him with Zola’s case. He finally tracks someone down and offers to remove the woman’s mole for free if she helps him. Oddly enough, she does. For some reason, I imagine this woman standing on a street corner with a sign that reads, “Will work for mole removal.”

Alex tracks down the Judge in Zola’s case, who just happens to be a current a patient at Seattle Grace. How convenient. Alex corners the judge and begs him to review Zola’s file. The judge says to Alex, “Doctor, attempting to influence a judge is a federal offense.” 

But Alex’s determination pays off, and Derek and Meredith find out they will be getting a court date sooner than later.

It’s time for the big softball game! Who’s watching the hospital?

Meredith and Cristina are hanging out in the outfield drinking from a flask. Bailey runs between them to catch a ball and confronts Meredith for working on her trial when she told her not to. Meredith has figured out what the error is with Bailey’s trial, but instead of thanking her Bailey starts yelling at her in the middle of the game. Richard scolds Bailey and tells them they have to team up and work together in the lab. 

Game on! Seattle Grace is down 0 to 12.

Owen calls another time out, tells Lexie to relieve Teddy as pitcher (because Teddy’s terrible) and gives an inspirational speech to his team. Owen tells them, “You are all horrible at softball, but as doctors you’re pretty great.”

As Lexie warms up to pitch, she catches a glimpse of Mark macking on his new girlfriend at first base. So she throws a ball at her and Callie screams out, “Oh! Right in the boob!” Yep, Lexie hits Mark’s girlfriend in the boob with a softball. I’m not sure why this makes me happy, but it does.

Have a great weekend!