“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.06): The Doccubus is in, finally

Some things, some things are just worth the wait. For all of our complaining and whining and begging and pleading for some – heck, any – hot Doccubus action this season, when they finally did deliver, heavens, did they deliver. But before we get to all the delicious, delicious shirt stripping and pants pulling (you’ve waited this long, what’s a little longer), let’s roll up our sleeves and really talk about this episode. Because there is so much to talk about not even including the s-e-x. But, don’t worry – we are going to talk the hell out of that s-e-x. I mean, I can’t make you wait forever. That would just be mean. What am I, a Lost Girl writer?

Right, so this week we see the return of both The Morrigan and The Ash, both of whom seem hell-bent on messing up Bo’s love life with one Dr. Lauren Lewis. But who cares about the possibly nefarious intentions of the Dark and Light fae leaders when you’ve got couch yoga to do? Oh, and find some rogue street artist to find who is spray painting Dark Fae secrets on walls across the city. Bo agrees to help, partly because The Morrigan says she is love with him and we all know our favorite bisexual succubus has a soft spot for fae’s who love humans.


Look, I know we’re all anxiously awaiting the bow-chicka-wow scene — and boy, does it ever wow the chickas. But let’s not underappreciate the glory of flirting over old prom stories and pizza. In fact, telling your crush horror stories from dating back in your old, especially straight, days is practically a gay gal rite of passage. And then Dr. Hotpants hits the Boobs O’Clock bullseye while throwing her crust at Bo. Yeah, that was accidental.

And then, then there’s the couch yoga scene. No moment of proper gay lady domestic bliss is complete without one lucky lady happily lounging her legs over her lovely’s lap. It is my absolute favorite way to sit on the couch. And, as you can see from Lauren’s face, hers, too. That grin, you guys – that grin.

Though poor Kenzi, she’s just the third wheeliest third wheel ever. Though she was kind of being an insufferable Docc block for a while there.


I think we could add a fourth FEELINGS to the category this week because that’s how many I have. First, there was the sweet continuation of the world’s most excruciating sexual tension. Then there was the release of said tension in an epic throw-you-down, rip-your-pants-off moment. But before the sexytimes, I greatly appreciated (as I’m sure all Team Doccubus fans did) Lauren pausing to make sure she wasn’t just a Dyson rebound for Bo. You see, this is why as painful as it was, taking it slow was important. No one wants Lauren to be just another conquest. Make no mistake, this isn’t about Bo getting over Dyson. “This is about us.”

And then, there was shocking revelation in the news that Lauren has a cryogenically preserved girlfriend named Nadia. First of all, what’s with gals named Nadia messing up our One True Pairings? First Bette and Tina (though, clearly, we’ve all since forgiven Jessica Capshaw). And now Lauren and Bo. Who is this Nadia? Why is she in that pod? What does this mean for the future of Doccubus? Is this, at long last, the beginning of Lauren’s backstory we’ve been waiting for?

But the FEELINGS coup de grace was Lauren talking to her podded up girlfriend about Bo. The emotion in her voice was just, wow:

You know if you could meet Bo, you’d really like her. She’s such a good person. She’s so trustworthy. She has this big, huge heart. And she is strong, she’s so strong. And she takes care of me. Imagine that, somebody taking care of me for a change.

My theory is she’s trying to save her girlfriend out of some long-simmering guilt. Like, perhaps she is the reason Nadia is in that pod in the first place and she’s made a promise to release her. At least, that’s the theory I hope is right so this doesn’t all lead to heartbreak and despair for all parties involved.


Watching the build-up between Lauren and Bo all season has been like waiting for that proverbial pot of water to boil. But then, finally, after what seemed like an eternity – hello boiling over hotness. But what made this scene between Bo and Lauren so scalding hot wasn’t just the attractive appeal of two beautiful women kissing in various states of undress. (Though, don’t get me wrong, that’s awesome and always appreciated.) It was the hunger behind it all. Like, push-you-on-the-bed, pull-you-back-to-me-by-your-thighs hunger. By her thighs. Oh, ladies. Now that’s how it’s done.

This wasn’t just nice, tender sex. This wasn’t just for fun, giggly sex. Not that there is anything wrong with those kinds of sex. But sometimes, sometimes you just want the raw, starving animal sex. The this tank top is coming off if I have to tear it off with my own teeth sex. Also, can we get an “amen” for the easy access said tank tops provide? Glory, glory hallelujah.

Also, who knew Dr. Hotpants was such a top? Sure, Bo does some glorious, um, mounting. But it’s Lauren who seems like she’s really steering this ship. And if you look really closely as the scene dissolves into post-coital bliss, you’ll see Lauren pulling into the port, so to speak. Ahem. You know, I actually feel like my puny words can’t do this scene proper justice. For that, you need pictures, preferably the moving kind. Please sit down, close the door and put on a bib. You’re going to need it.

Like I was saying, hunger. But you know what made it more than just sexy? That tender kiss Bo gives Lauren on the cheek afterward. Rip-you-clothes-off sex is fantastic. But when there’s something more behind it, too, that’s just beautiful.


You know what, I really don’t care about this week’s other storyline about the street artist and The Morrigan and Vex’s political rivalry or even the latter’s kinky little BDSM fetish. The only thing they serve to do is underscore the Bo and Lauren’s ongoing relationship saga and the importance of motivation. What, really, is Lauren’s motivation? Is she doing this all for Nadia? Is she really in love with Bo? Also, for all Kenzi’s Docc blocking and apparent dislike for Lauren, she really is doing it all to be a good friend to Bo. And, she came through at the end when Bo needed her advice most. “I think you should give her a chance to explain. Maybe she has her reasons, you know?” She does. And she’d better. I swear if that popsicle Nadia messes up Doccubus for us I will turn her into a puddle on the sidewalk.


Kenzi: What’s up, babe?
Bo: Lauren stuff.
Kenzi: Did you get her pregnant?


Please enjoy this week’s Boobs O’Clock with a side of Hotpants Hips.

So, was it good for you? It was sure good for me. Hell, I think I need a cigarette.