“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.08): “Heart-Shaped Box”

Did you tune into last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode “Heart-Shaped Box”?  There was literally a living heart hanging out in a box the entire show. Oh that Shonda Rhimes is witty.

AfterEllen Bait

There are two main reasons why an AE reader might have been gung-ho to see last night’s episode of GA. Reason number one: Sexy guest star Vedette Lim, who played Tara’s girlfriend, Naomi, on HBO’s True Blood. The second reason to watch was to witness the amazing four-time Emmy Award-winning actress Alfre Woodard‘s character struggle with a brain aneurysm and ultimate overcome her disorder with the help of Derek and Lexie. Oh yeah and Callie and Arizona talk about coming out and, of course, they are adorable as always.

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

There are a lot of feelings in this episode, as always. George O’Malley’s mother, Louise, has returned to Seattle Grace Hospital as a patient. Bailey forces Meredith to look after Louise to ensure she gets the best care possible. George’s brothers insisted that Louise not return to Seattle Grace since both their father and George died there, but Louise explains that she can hear George’s voice telling her she’ll be taken care of at Seattle Grace, so she trusts them. (What else are the voices saying to you?)

Louise is ecstatic to see Meredith. Louise tells her, “Doctor! You’re all grown up.” And she’s even more excited when she bumps into Callie. Callie, on the other hand, finds the encounter with her ex-mother-in-law to be incredibly awkward. Callie can’t seem to admit that she’s married to a woman, so she introduces Arizona as “Dr. Robbins.”

Arizona laughs it off, “See you later, Dr. Torres.”

Calzona later processes exactly what went down.

Callie: “Hey, guess what, Mom O’Malley? I’m into girl’s now and this is my wife.”
Arizona: I get it, it’s OK.
Callie: Really? ‘Cuz you seemed kind of pissed.
Arizona: Really? I thought I was being funny.
Callie: Well, then you suck at jokes.
Arizona: Hey, look, coming out is important. It’s everything with your family and your friends. I’d kick your ass if you tried to hide me from them. But coming out to your dead ex-husband’s super Catholic mom? Not necessary. I mean, not for you and certainly not for me, so it’s OK.

Lexie and Avery are having a relationship issue called Mark. Avery asks April to take him off of Mark’s service because he’s uncomfortable with the invisible love triangle. Mark isn’t aware that he’s a part of Lexie and Avery’s strained relationship, so all he knows is that Avery is avoiding him. Mark is really bothered by this, so he goes to Derek for counsel.

Mark tells him, “I’m worried about Avery. We had a real connection, you know? We were having such a good time together and suddenly he’s avoiding me. He’s cold. He’s distant.”

Derek: You’re afraid you’re about to have your heart broken by him?
Mark: Kind of.

Don’t worry, Mark and Avery rekindle their bromance, which Mark refers to as the “plastic posse.”

Since Louise is on the premises, the staff reminisces about the late George O’Malley.

Bailey: He was my favorite. George O’Malley. He was. My favorite.
Meredith: I know. He was the good one.

But the most emotional scene for me was when George’s mother wakes up from surgery with Callie sitting next to her.

Callie: I like girls, as in romantically. Turns out I like girls, ah, women. [laughs] and I met the most amazing woman. Remember Dr. Robbins from this morning? Yeah we got married, and before that we got into an accident, car accident a really bad accident and I almost died. But I didn’t and neither did Sofia, our baby. Our perfect beautiful baby. And I’m, umm, I’m screwing all this up. Look, I know this is a lot and I understand and if this is too much for you to handle, believe me, my own mother practically disowned me so I understand. Oh, God, I’m making you cry. Please don’t cry.
Louise: You have a baby?
Callie: I do.
Louise: You have any pictures?
Callie: You want to see them?
Louise: Are you kidding?

Callie giggles and shows off photos of Sofia on her phone.

Whores & Gore

In the beginning of the episode, Derek and Meredith are at home getting it on. As Derek tries to make it to second base, Meredith frets over getting Zola back. 

Teddy and Cristina prepare to perform a heart transplant, but the recipient patient goes into cardiac arrest and dies. The heart remains pumping away in a box and without a new owner.

The always sensitive Cristina says, “All dressed up and no where to go.”

Cristina is now in charge of babysitting the bloody beating heart while a new transplant patient is tracked down. The bloody pumping heart looks like a cheesy prop from Tales from the Crypt. (Did you think the heart looked real? And if so, why do you know what a real pumping human heart looks like?)

Apparently, it’s Take Your Husband to Work Day because Teddy is dragging Henry around to surgeries and into the on call room for a little afternoon delight (and I’m not talking about my daily column). After their lovemaking (just typing that out made me chuckle and feel gross at the same time), Henry reveals that he wants to go to medical school. This news does not make Teddy happy and she says flat out, “I don’t want to spend the next ten years being married to a med student.” Henry heads home after their spat, and when Teddy arrives she finds Henry choking on blood. (Fine, Henry. You can go to medical school. Now stop throwing up blood!)

The Attendings sit around and reminisce about George O’Malley and Cristina blurts out to Alex, “Remember when you gave George syphilis?” Oh, memories…

Medical Mishaps

April enjoys eating her lunch next to the beating heart in the box. April says, “It’s kind of soothing. Like sitting in front of a fish tank.”

Alfre Woodard is too busy to listen to Derek’s medical advice because she’s typing away on her laptop trying to finish her latest book. (I’ll bet Seattle Grace’s WIFI password has something to do with sex, like “SGH69.”)  Lexie dedicates herself to helping Alfre finish her book so they can get her into surgery faster. Lexie gets way too caught up in the story’s characters and, for some reason, she believes the lives of the characters are paralleling her own complicated love life. (Not everything is about you, Lexie!)

Richard is going around advising the staff to check out the heart in the box because the heart is the key to all their answers. Cristina finds herself asking the heart in the box to approve her dream surgery list. Avery and I still don’t understand.

Avery says, “I don’t get it. Weber talks about it like it’s a Magic 8 Ball. It’s a heart in a box.” I bet Richard also believes in Big’s Zoltar game.

Cristina explains, “She (the heart) let’s you know what’s most important to you. That’s what heart in a box does. And she’s nice to talk to.”

Avery realizes that Lexie and Mark’s relationship is still not over, so he breaks up with Lexie. Avery explains that he’s ultimately choosing Mark and his career in plastic surgery over her. When Mark and Avery met up face to face, they admit  that they have missed each other. They giggle like two school girls and then practically hold hands and walk off into the sunset. Except they weren’t holding hands and it was nighttime, so there was no sunset and I think they walked off in different directions so — forget it.

Now before this SnapCap wraps, I wanted to share with you a random quote that made me laugh out loud. When April is talking about her number one peer role model, Alex quips, “You’re a freak and I hate you.” I’m not sure why that insult made me so happy, but it did.

Have a great weekend!