“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.07): Lap dances, implants, strippers — oh my!

So, I’m not going to say “I told you so,” but I kind of told you so. This week Bo and Lauren finally have The Talk they’ve been promising to have since what seems like forever. And it was as simple as it was sad. Nadia was indeed Lauren’s girlfriend. Five years ago they went together to the Congo for Lauren’s research project and while there Nadia became deathly ill from a Fae epidemic sweeping the villages. In exchange for use of the Light Fae’s full resources to cure her, Lauren pledged her total servitude to The Ash. And she has been working ever since to help her comatose girlfriend.

I think somebody on the Lost Girl writing staff likes The Smiths too much. That’s all I’m saying. Oh, also there’s a case involving strippers. Ladies, start your vajayjays.


Bo and Kenzi go to a strip club. The only way this could be more enticing to the show’s lesbian fans is if Lauren was one of the strippers. Or Bo, for that matter. Still the amount of gyrating female flesh on display this episode is the stuff really, really good dreams are made of. But it wasn’t all just sex this week for us ladies. There was also a considerable emotional wallop thanks to the big Bo and Lauren’s developments. Lure us in with the hot, then hold us with the heartbreak. Sex and feelings, you can’t get much more AfterEllen Bait-y than that.


Let’s talk for a moment about how rare and wonderful it is to see female lust on television. It’s not that women don’t act lustfully on TV. They do, and quite effectively. But it’s almost always with a purpose. For love. For relationships. For affairs. For comedic effect. Lust must lead to something. Lust must have an agenda. It can’t just be lust for lust’s sake. Men do not have this same restriction. Men can be lustful just because. Men are allowed to leer. Men are allowed to be horny just because something is hot. Women need a reason.

If you think I’m kidding, think back several years ago to those Diet Coke Break ads where the office women stared lustily out the window at the shirtless hunky construction guy enjoying a cool, refreshing beverage. That ad stood out because those were women acting lusty because there was something lustful to look at. Or, in other words, a group of gals acting like guys.

Which, brings me back to the strip club scene with Bo and Kenzi. Sure, it’s done a little for laughs. But it’s also done because it’s hot. These hot women are watching really hot women dance and it’s all terribly hot. So they look on with lust – and not just in their hearts. Pure, unadulterated, only a tad bit supernatural, lust. In fact, it’s so hot it makes Kenzi think she might dig chicks. News flash: Women get horny, too. I guess all of this is just a really long-winded way of me saying, damn, that strip club scene was awesome.


We all knew it was coming, and we all knew it would be hard. But, man, the scene between Bo and Lauren when everything is finally revealed was like a weird, mysterious, rusty nail to the heart. I know lots of people will be disappointed at this development and the major roadblock it puts up for more Doccubus loving. But, I’m OK with it because it means Lauren’s intentions both for her girlfriend and for Bo were essentially pure. It is entirely possible to fall in love with someone, while you still have feelings for someone else. And that appears to be what has happened here.

Plus, how much did Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer kill that scene? The quietly tear-rimmed eyes. The recognition that this would change everything. The love mixed with confusion and hurt and hope. But, keep in mind, we’re only seven episodes in to a 22-episode season. So we can’t expect happily ever afters right away. Though, to complain just a little, couldn’t the writers have maybe given Bo and Lauren a whole episode or two just of naked, fun, sexytimes before dropping the hammer like this? We had to watch Dyson and his lady Fae go at it instead. Give us some more of that top-stripping, thigh-pulling action. We’ve been so very patient.


This case was actually pretty clever in a Buffy kind of way when it came to Fae-world and real-world parallels. While making a metaphor about strippers and indentured servitude may be a little broad, it was nicely done in a way that still remained sex positive. The sleazy strip club owner stealing the selkie women’s pelts so they can’t return to the sea storyline worked pretty well. Like Buffy, Lost Girl is using the fantasy world of the supernatural to shed light on the real human condition. Not to say that all strippers are forced into stripping. But it was a nice little analogy about freedom, choice and hot girls dancing on poles. Also, I liked that not all the dancers had rail-thin body types. I liked that a lot.


“See, told ya. It’s like Vegas for your crotch.”


So many boobs, so few o’clocks. So please enjoy this Poster O’Clock with bonus Bo Butt.

Right, so how did you feel about The Talk? How did you feel about the strippers? How did you feel about Kenzi and her new-found love of the ladies? Discuss.