“Glee” Graphed: (3.05) Which Artie is the worst Artie of all the Arties?

“The First Time” was a super sweet, super tight episode of Glee — but it was, Glee, after all, and so of course we have some qualms. For example, where the actual f–k is Quinn Fabray these days? And do we REALLY need to know about Beiste’s sex life? And where’s the six hours of bonus footage of Naya Rivera doing Olé! kicks? So, of course, we’ve broken down our issues in the form of charts.

By the way, you guys, these charts aren’t based on actual science and/or math. There seemed to be some confusion about the academic validity of them last week in the comments.

Which Artie do you think is the worst Artie of all the Arties? And what was your favorite lesbian moment from last night’s episode?