“Glee” gives a powerhouse Adele performance with Santana and Mercedes

If you like Glee, Brittana, Adele, Naya Rivera, crackerjack performances, spectacular singing, Big Lesbian Feelings and Naya Rivera (yes, she deserves a second mention), please prepare yourself for two and a half minutes of heaven. Those singing-and-dancing fairies at Glee have released the video of the performance of the Adele mash-up of “Rumour Has It” and “Someone Like You.”


To quote everyone on the internet, everywhere: “MY EMOTIONS! MY EMOTIONS.”

Besides just being a spectacular musical number (and it really, really is – take note Will Schuester, that’s how you showcase great female talent), it’s jam-packed with emotion and angst and everything you originally liked about Glee. The mash-up works. The choreography works. The singing – oh, come on, it’s Santana and Mercedes – you know it works.

Also, Naya absolutely crushes that number – crushes it. Santana’s emotional journey through this show has been one of the most complex and fascinating, not to mention resonant and touching. But it would have meant nothing if Glee didn’t have an actress up to the task. But Naya has been more than that, she has been a revelation in a role that at first required her to do nothing more than look pretty and now has become one of the most nuanced characters in the cast. The ways she looks at Brittany. What she conveys through her eyes alone. My emotions, my emotions.

The angst is ratcheted up to 11 especially considering certain spoilers for next week and the week after that have been circulating revolving around Santana. I sure hope our collective shipper hearts can take it. Man, is it Tuesday yet?