“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.09): “Dark Was the Night”

Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Dark Was the Night,” was a lot of heavier than I expected it to be. There was no nookie in the on call room or funny quips between staff members, just a lot of blood and tears. At Seattle Grace Hospital, when it rains it pours — literally.

AfterEllen Bait

The only reason to watch this episode is if you already love this cast of characters or you enjoy having anxiety. During the last half of the show, I found myself holding my face like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone.


Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

The emotions in this episode are off the chart! Henry is at the hospital throwing up blood while Teddy is (understandably) crying. Richard is very sweet to Teddy and allows her to dictate which tests to give Henry and promises to update her on his status. Teddy heads off with April to figure out what went wrong with Callie’s former patient, who was recently released from the hospital but then doubled over in pain in the parking lot.

Meredith gets a call from her social worker, Janet, who informs her that they aren’t going to be able to adopt Zola. Janet tells Meredith that she and Derek need to “think about moving on.” (That is harsh.)

As Meredith holds back the tears she tells Cristina, “I’m never going to see her (Zola) again.”

When Derek finds out the devastating news, he wants to fight for Zola.

Derek: Meredith, we’re going to find another way.
Meredith: Zola was our baby and she’s gone and I don’t want another baby.

Derek tells Cristina that he fears that losing Zola will result in losing Meredith, too. Cristina insists that, no matter what happens, Meredith always comes back around.

Mark tries to make Derek feel better by offering up his daughter, Sofia, like a timeshare. Arizona agrees that being around Sofia makes everything better.

Whores & Gore

This episode is all gore and no whores. Arizona is taking care of her 10-year-old patient, whose face has been torn off by a dog.

Henry is bleeding into his lungs and trachea so Richard needs to operate on him immediately. Teddy wants Richard to perform Henry’s surgery with a laser but since Richard has never done that particular surgery with a laser before, Teddy wants another surgeon to operate.

Teddy thinks Cristina is the best choice since she has performed the surgery before and she can work without her emotions getting in the way. Owen has the staff cover Henry’s face so when Cristina is working she won’t know who the patient is. (Well if Superman can disguise himself with pair of glasses, then who am I to judge the ol’ “sheet over the head” charade?)

Callie gives her patient the go-ahead to leave the hospital after her spine surgery. The woman has screws put into her spine and then suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. After Teddy and April operate on Callie’s patient, they find out that one of the screws in the spine came loose and it was stabbing her heart every time it tried to beat. Teddy struggles to patch up the woman’s torn heart.

Meredith and Alex head off in a heavy rainstorm on a mission to transfer a preemie back to Seattle Grace. Arizona tries to coach Alex over the phone and instruct him how to make magic with the limited resources the other hospital has. Alex and Meredith gather everything they need and wheel the baby’s incubator into the ambulance.

Medical Mishaps

Callie reveals to Bailey that Avery was the one that actually performed the spine surgery. Callie feels awful because she was supervising him while reading a magazine. Bailey reminds Callie that the attendings need to operate even if it results in mistakes.

Unbeknownst to Cristina, she operates on Henry and there are numerous complications. Richard steps in and opens up Henry’s chest to do compressions. Richard tries for 20 minutes to revive him, but even after all their efforts Henry dies. (I know I should have been expecting this but I wasn’t. Not yet, at least.) Cristina doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Cristina, being the medical expert that she is, says very matter-of-factly, “There was no way of taking it (the tumor) out without killing him and there was no way for him to live with it much longer. The tumor eroded right through the pulmonary artery. The guy bled right out. We were done before we started.”

Owen reveals that the patient was Henry, and Cristina breaks down and collapses in his arms.

Alex and Meredith’s ambulance breaks down and the driver gets out and tells them they need to exit the vehicle. The incubator is too heavy to lift and Meredith refuses to take the baby out of the ambulance and stand outside in the pouring rain. Since the ambulance is full of oxygen they are literally a ticking time bomb. If something hits them, then they will explode. Alex tells Meredith to exit and he’ll stay with the baby and Meredith tells him to do the same. As they bicker the ambulance is struck by another vehicle. Meredith and Alex come to, take the baby out of the incubator and, when they exit, see the turned over truck that hit them and numerous bodies lying on the ground.

Owen enters Teddy’s OR to deliver the tragic news about Henry. Teddy assumes everything is fine and banters on about Henry and their future plans. Owen fears that telling Teddy about Henry will result in her patient’s death. Richard explains that it makes more sense to have Teddy finish operating on her patient and then tell her about Henry.

Owen: If she finds out I delayed she’ll never forgive me.
Richard: Her husband just died in our OR. She’ll never forgive any of us.

Owen returns to Teddy’s OR and pretends Henry has made it out of surgery. Teddy banters on and on about a future with Henry that’s never going to exist.

RIP Henry. I must admit I didn’t like you at first but you grew on me and Teddy, and I will miss you.