“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.09): Attack of the body snatchers

No supernatural/sci-fi show worth its salt is complete without the requisite body swapping episode. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it. Warehouse 13 did it. Xena: Warrior Princess did it. The X-Files did it. Charmed did it. Farscape did it. Doctor Who did it. Fringe did it. Heck, even Star Trek did it. I could go on forever.

So then you knew it was only a matter of time before that show about the society of uber-humanoids called the Fae who split themselves into Light and Dark and feed off humans while simultaneously hiding from them will do it. The only question is how well. The answer: Well, depends on which body you’re talking about. While body swap episodes tend to just be good, zany fun, Lost Girl mixed in some darkness and a big dose of relationship drama. Also, a really creepy kid.


Anna Silk goes “incognito” as a biker, but basically just looks like Anna Silk with unfortunate bangs and a press-on tattoo. Still, it’s hot enough to give Lauren pause. But then, anything involving Bo gives Lauren pause these days. Giving us pause? How great the good doctor looks when she offer her suggestion on how to get more customers to the bar. “Two words, Trick: Mechanical bull.”


At the start of the episode, Bo seems to be dealing with her separation from Lauren by reading the self-help books like Life, Not Love: Learning to Like Yourself Alone. Um, what? A lonely, lovelorn succubus? Didn’t we already go through this at the start of the season? What’s a supernaturally sexy, can control people by touch and not in a creepy hand-job way girl got to do to get some reliable nookie? I want more blue-eyed Bo boning. Yes, I said it. Less pining, more boning. I’m going to put that on a poster and occupy the Dal until it happens.

But then after Kenzi drags Bo out to the Dal, the place is dead except for an escaped Dark Fae mental patient who injects the keg with body-swapping blood. And then everybody gets some new skin. I find it most interesting that the writers decided to put the bad guy in Lauren’s body. And, to make matters more interesting, then put Dyson in Kenzi’s body and made them square off. What are you trying to say? I hope it’s not what I think you’re trying to say.


It all started out so promising. Bo runs into Lauren at the Dal. Lauren tells Bo, “I can’t believe how good you look.” Then she gets flustered and apologizes saying, “Sorry, sometimes my words and my thoughts don’t…” It’s hot and instinctive and everything we want to see between Lauren and Bo. They can’t control their emotions, let alone their words, in front of each other. I was sure we were in for some more Doccubus sexytimes.

So then Bo wants to process her feelings about their kiss and she says, “The whole your mouth says one thing your lips say another. Or kiss another, as the case may be…. It was just weird you kissing me in front of Nadia.” And then Lauren blows her off. Wait, what? I mean, that’s more than a cold shoulder. That’s a total brush off. I know Lauren is still confused about her feelings for Bo and Nadia, but that total disregard of Bo’s emotions was out of character and off key. Did Lauren already swap bodies and we didn’t know it?


Is it weird to say Dyson was my favorite character this week? Not really Dyson, but Kenzi in Dyson’s body. She was the only one who really embraced the innate silliness of the body swap episode, and played it for both laughs and pathos. Kudos to Kris Holden-Ried for getting Kenzi’s body language and mannerisms spot on.

Also fun: Kenzi as Dyson. Out-of-body wish fulfillment for Kenzi and Hale shippers. Hick Bo. And, well, I already mentioned how funny Kenzified Dyson was, right?

But this week’s “Chew All the Scenery” award goes to the magnificent Zoie Palmer who left no set piece unchomped on while playing the escaped mental patient. Cool, calm Dr. Hotpants went coo-coo cachoo and we liked it. And with that, let us take a moment to appreciate the many psychotic faces of Dr. Lauren Lewis.

And we haven’t even touched on the Faepocalyptic vision Bo had while in limbo and that creepy little harbinger of doom girl. Is Bo going to kill Trick? Is Bo going to kill all the Fae? And, dude, what is up with the Ash having his own head in a box?


“I am so jealous of my feet.”


Bad hair, nice blue eyes — and boobs. I’ll take it.

Right, so how about that body swapping? How about that cold shoulder? And, really, this Dyson stuff? We’ve moved on show, you should, too.