Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Homeland” SnapCap (1.09)

After the post-twist whiplash from the last few weeks of Homeland, we needed a break. This week’s episode gave it to us — sort of. We finally know why Brody turned. At least we think we know. And while Brody is in flashback mode, Carrie is full-speed-ahead in trying to find Walker. Like his past and her present equals the country’s future. Nah – I just made that up.


Super spy Carrie is sexy Carrie and this week, she was at her best. Despite the publicity firestorm after last episode’s mosque killings, Carrie conducted herself calmly and professionally, trusting her intuition to get her to the truth. I think her meds are working.

I especially loved the scene where she met with FBI Agent Hall, who has been a d-bag at every turn. Carrie wants to find out what really happened in the mosque shooting. Hall condescendingly asks, “Have you ever been in a firefight?’ She glares and, without missing a beat, says, “Yes.” Mr. Hall, you have been served. 

Claire Danes is so hot when she’s being butch. 


Oh, Brody! Now we understand! Abu Nazir took you in to his own home, trusting you to teach his son, Isa, English. And you bonded with the lovely boy! Not only did you teach him English, you taught him to play soccer and to read the Koran and to recite all the words to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” And he drew you a picture! Aww.

Isa reminded Brody of his own son, newly born when he left for Iraq. Brody and Isa loved each other. And then, seconds after Brody sends him to school, Isa is killed in a U.S. drone attack. Brody found his small body, cleaned it and prepared it for burial, and then prayed over it with Nazir. The Vice President appeared on TV, saying that pictures of dead children from the attack on Nazir’s compound were fabricated as propaganda against the U.S. 

And Brody turned. 


This episode seemed designed to remind us that our government is corrupt — and contrast the way Carrie and Brody respond to it. Carrie believes that she can rise above people like Agent Hall who would rather lie to the public than take responsibility for a mistake. Finding out about Walker seems to have renewed her dedication to stopping whatever he has planned, in great part because she has been proven right in her belief that a turned POW is involved in a terrorist plot on U.S. soil. 

Brody, in contrast, responded to the U.S. lying about the attack by becoming involved with Nazir’s plot to bring down the V.P. Now we understand why he responded as he did to news that Walker is alive — he felt like he’d been betrayed again. Now that Nazir has taken somewhat extreme measures to remind Brody of his commitment to Isa’s memory, he appears to be resolved to going through with it. We know, of course, that we can’t trust appearances on Homeland.

Brody goes home with a story of being mugged, making nice — then making out — with Jessica. He may be conflicted, but he is not stupid. 


We learned one thing for certain this week: Walker definitely has turned. We witnessed him sniper-practicing in the woods and then sniper-shooting the poor hunter who happened to see him. 

Beyond that, though, we’re left with more questions. Saul is still acting weird, although he sure perked up at the thought of finding “an elegant way to lift and interrogate” the Saudi diplomat. Carrie, despite nice work in winning the trust of the imam’s wife, Zahira, seems so relieved at the thought that Brody isn’t a terrorist that she doubtless will miss some details (like Brody’s car driving away from the diplomat’s house as Saul and Carrie pulled up). 

With Brody, we are not completely certain whether what happened with Isa unfolded as Brody thinks or if Nazir set up the whole thing. We don’t even know for sure that Isa was his son. But apparently Brody’s conversion to Islam and learning to trust Nazir had much to do with thinking he killed Walker, and Nazir masterfully turned Brody’s attention away from that and back on Isa’s death. We’ll see what all of that means soon enough.

In any case, Nazir has some very good sources. He knows that the Vice President will run for President, wants Brody’s help, and will ask him to run for office. Buddying up to the Veep and agreeing to run will be the sign to Nazir that Brody is still on board. Thus the cliffhanger, as Brody and Jess are making out, Jess pauses, “Oh, there was a message for you on voicemail from the Vice President’s office.”

What did you think of this episode of Homeland? Is Brody still “turned?” Do you think Nazir conned him with Isa or did he really trust Brody with his son? Any new theories?