“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.11): Lock her up and throw away the key

Bo goes undercover to investigate some mysterious human deaths at high society parties. Bo wears a pretty dress. Bo makes nice with Dyson’s new girlfriend Ciara. Bo helps the ultimate tree hugger get her beloved wood back. Yadda yadda yadda. But, come on, all I want to talk about is how the Ash locked Lauren in a dungeon. He locked her in a dungeon. Lauren is locked in a dungeon. She’s scared and alone and LOCKED IN A DUNGEON. It’s the kind of development that makes one want to clutch one’s knees and rock back-and-forth in the darkness – if one were prone to those sorts of things. But not me, I’m totally good at not getting too emotionally invested in fictional storylines about a bisexual succubus and her enslaved, insatiably curious human doctor type sorta girlfriend who also has a girlfriend in a coma. Yep, totally.


Well, since there was no Doccubus, we always have our Bo-Bo. And she looked very pretty this episode. Though, as nice and from the island of Themyscira as she looked in her high-fashion duds, I always prefer my Bo in her tank top and leathers. Still, it never hurts to try a new look every now and then. You know, for science.


Well, considering the whole Lauren is locked in a dungeon thing, my predominant feeling would be, “Nooooooooooo!” My other predominant feeling is how amazing it will be when Bo rescues her from said dungeon and finally kicks that total Ash-hole’s ass. All the pressure and conflict Lauren has been feeling – about Nadia, about Bo, about her servitude to the Light Fae – just boiled over this week when she finally couldn’t take it anymore.

She stood up to the Ash and said she couldn’t go on like this after he refused to help her find out more about the cursing nail that put Nadia in a coma. I like mad Lauren, all throwing down her files and ripping off her necklace. Though I hate seeing the sad, pleading Lauren that came next. When I saw her little face in that dungeon window – uh-oh, here comes the rocking back-and-forth in the darkness thing again.


Big bagel on the Doccubus Action this week. Instead, we got a lot of Bo and Ciara action. Put them together all you want, writers, we still won’t ship it. Though I was glad to see them actually become friends. I think that means Bo is really done with Dyson. Well, that and Bo telling Kenzi that “Dyson and I are done. Like, done done. We are so done.” Heavens, that’s always lovely to hear. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion that Dyson may not actually be “done done” with Bo. Still, for now, I’m happy to take Bo at her word. So become pals with Ciara all you want, Bo. We know who your real LLBFF is. (Hint: She’s locked in a damn dungeon.)


So a bunch of rich, entitled dudes are getting killed mysteriously at elite, high society parties. Not to be all “I am the 99 percent,” but these guys were some of the least sympathetic victims of the season so far. Well, except for the geeky one who carried his iPad everywhere. Him, I just relate to — well, if I had an iPad (hint, hint – Christmas gift idea). Also, this week’s plot was perhaps the most literal interpretation of an environmentalist cautionary tale I have ever seen on television. Don’t hurt trees, people, or they will hunt you down and crush you to death. Yes, literally.


“Oh, great, just what every girl needs – a matching set of dead guys.”


OK, so the girls look pretty good in a suit, too.

So, how upset are you about this whole Lauren locked in a dungeon situation? How upset are you about there being no Doccubus?