Styled Out: I’ll wear what she’s wearing

How many times have you been watching one of your favorite shows and wondered, “What the hell so-and-so is wearing?” A whole lot? I thought so. Hooray for blogs! I love people that dedicate themselves to a task, and foraging the fierce ground of fashion when one is not handed labels can be a trying task, but someone’s got to do it!

I know there are a lot of Pretty Little Liars fans over here at, and in case you’re in the market for a snappy dress, sweater, or even a pajama set that you might have seen on the show, look no further than Fashion of PLL! I am a huge fan of how this particular blog has taken each character and itemized her wardrobe as well as posting a stream of choice items in chronological order of each episode.

I’m as big of a Gleek as the next guy, and while I might not always agree with Rachel Berry’s wardrobe choices, every once in a while the character pulls out all the stops and wears something utterly fabulous. I particularly loved the blue frock she wore in the beginning of Tuesday night’s “Holiday Spectacular” and can’t wait for Fashion of Glee to update me on its whereabouts so I can have one for my very own.

Don’t worry — I didn’t forget about Skins! The ladies on this series should stay on your radar because of their rad thread skills, and they have a few blogs supposedly dedicated to the style on the show (but you kind of have weed through the search results to find any real information on the clothes). The Skins Fashion forum proved to be somewhat helpful, but it’s kind of vague. Any takers on creating a blog that functions for Skins? It has to be done.

In honor of my BFF, I was going to do a major shout out for the style on The Good Wife, but alas, no one has found it worthy enough to dedicate their time to the clothing on the show — yet. Sorry, Trish. I did dig up this Wall Street Journal article with fashion tips from the show, though.

Who on television inspires you? Do you use any blogs to track down TV style?