Morning Brew – Friday, Dec. 16: Janet McTeer on her sexual orientation, Rihanna on her soul mate

Good morning! It’s finally Friday.

Rihanna says she and Chelsea Handler are soul mates. I approve of this coupling.

Janet McTeer is my favorite part of Albert Nobbs. The Wall Street Journal interviewed her about playing the cross-dressing Hubert.

I always thought of Hubert as someone who considers herself not to be in a category, not in a pigeonhole, not with a label…. Yes, she ended up stealing her ex-husband’s coat and getting a job and surviving [by passing as a man], but I am sure she did all of this without saying “I’m a gay woman.” I am sure she had no idea what that concept even was. People didn’t discuss it. And I imagine that she did it to feel safe and ended up feeling very comfortable.

And as Ms. McTeer has played a few other not-so-straight roles before, they asked about speculation of her sexual orientation.

I’ve always thought if you watch the performance and you don’t know about the person, then you only see the performance. It’s got nothing to do with me not being open about my private life. I could care less. I just want people to focus on the performance. Otherwise you say, “I know this person just had a divorce. I know that person just had a baby.” You are putting what you know about the performer onto the character. That’s not right.

After watching the movie, I have a little bit of a crush on Ms. McTeer, but I think I might just be in love with Hubert.

If you’ve never read Jane Velez-Mitchell‘s memoir, there’s an excerpt from it over at The Huffington Post, and it’s all about how she came out on a radio show.

Partners/soccer players Joanna Lohman and Lianne Sanderson talk about their JoLi Academy on Such a cool thing they’re doing.

If some guy sends you a message on Facebook pretending to be Ellen DeGeneres‘ manager, beware! It is not him. This liar is getting sued.

Looking for a super lesbian Christmas read? Try Ruth Gogoll‘s Christmas Carol. She talks about why she wrote it at the HuffPo.

Just in case you ever find yourself close enough to Evan Rachel Wood to wake her up, keep this in mind.

Las Aparicio, the movie? Looks like this could be a reality! The script is done and everything. Now they just need the financial support!

Degrassi returns in 2012 and the show released a few images, like this one of Imogen and Fiona.

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