Huddle: Who we’re voting for as the Cutest TV Couple of 2011

There’s only one week left to vote in our Cutest Couple of 2011 poll and the stakes are high! (Not really, but we’re all very passionate.) Because there have been so many pairings this year, we thought you might need some help being swayed into who we think should win.

Team, who did you vote for?

Heather Hogan: When Skins Series 4 ended, I went into a period of deep and unyielding mourning because I was convinced no other TV couple could ever make me feel the way Naomily made me feel. Naomily was a perfect storm of brilliant storytelling and incomparable chemistry and actors and writers who cared about their characters even more than viewers. Well, 2011 saw the rise of a similar typhoon and it was named Jemma and oh, it was glorious. I would never have guessed that I could have fallen so hard for a German soap. (I don’t even speak German! I don’t even like soaps!) But Jenny and Emma’s story had me at guten tag. It was sweet, it was warm, it was tempestuous, it was so very real. And Lucy Scherer and Kasia Borek? Most of the time I felt like I didn’t even need subtitles because of how well they sold their characters. Hand aufs Herz‘s Jenny and Emma, man. Hands down cutest couple of 2011.

Mia Jones: Gosh, I don’t watch any of these but Pretty Little Liars and while I love Emily, I don’t think any of the girls she’s dated have been right for her — besides Maya, but I want better for Maya now.

I really love a good tomboy and prostitute pairing, so I’m going to blindly vote for Isabel and Cristina (Tierra de Lobos). The picture of the two of them smooching is enough for me to deem the show better than Pretty Woman.

Courtney Gillette: Oh, dear. A semester of graduate school has dwindled my television watching down to a few Netflix’ed episodes of Downton Abbey, so alas, I’m out of the lesbian loop. But Isabel and Cristina, tomboy and prostitute love affair? Count me in!

Marcie Bianco: Forget the cutest; my vote is for the rillest lesbian couple of them all, Sa-dah! & Whitney (The Real L Word). Why, beyond being so “real”? Well, I abide by three mantras when I deal with homolabians and affairs of the heart: 1) Don’t Bring The Crazy; 2) Not Good Enough; and 3) Not My Problem.

The thing is, lesbians seem inclined to the dramz and, thus, many are incomprehensibly incapable of meeting/agreeing with these three mantras. With this in mind, is there any other couple who epitomizes real, lesbian dramz? No, I didn’t think so.

Ali Davis: I cannot resist dork love, and awkward stumbling towards realizing they’re crazy about each other totally counts. Gayzzoli 4 eva.

Dara Nai: I’ve only seen four of these 16 shows. Between making dioramas about the demise of the Donner Party, writing letters to Condoleezza Rice and shrugging, I don’t have time to follow all these people. Therefore, based on my narrow experience, I vote for Rizzoli and lsles. They’re hot. They have chemistry. They make fun of each other. They never process their relationship. The end.

Bridget McManus: Team Calzona (Grey’s Anatomy)! These adorable wedded doctors make me smile from ear to ear.

Karman Kregloe: I have to agree with Bridget on this one. Calzona! Two women who can work together, share custody of a baby with one of their ex-boyfriends and NOT come to blows on a regular basis are my heroes. Also, Jessica Capshaw is adorable.

Emily Hartl: While my vote is 100% hands down for Brittana (Glee), I just want to point out that the number of fictional homos named Emily on this year’s list is out of control. My one Christmas wish is for more outward intimacy between the two cheerleaders, so make it happen, “Virgin” Mary!

Trish Bendix: I agree with Mia: I don’t think any of Emily’s PLL GFs are right for her. Kalinda (The Good Wife) doesn’t have the best luck with her gal pals, either. And I didn’t see enough of Diana and her boo on White Collar to really get a feel for them, so I’m going with Bo and Lauren, aka Doccubus (Lost Girl). The sexual tension just oozes out of those two and, damn, that doc is hot. If I can’t be with her, Bo can! (Permission granted.)

Did we change your vote? Give you something to think about? Make you want to convince us we’re so wrong?