The secret Santa tapes: Santana sings “Santa Baby”

Well, good. At last we have some answers about why Naya Rivera‘s “Santa Baby” solo was cut out of the Glee Christmas episode. I mean, just look at all the lesbianism.


You didn’t see any lesbianism? (Except maybe Finn’s outfit.) Exactly. Santana is awesomely sexy, but the flirtation is strictly of the girl/boy variety. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I had a burst of hope when I saw a blonde with very Brittany-style hair stroll through the background. But the verse about the ring came and went with no kneeling Brit. At least the guy had the sense to slip it on her middle finger.

Which is actually the one I most feel like pointing Glee‘s way these days.

Don’t get me wrong — Naya is gorgeous and the song is flawless. I just want more. As usual. For now, I’m just going to watch it over and over — and dream of my own post-Christmas Brittana special.

What do you think?