“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.14): “All You Need is Love “

In a special Valentine’s Day episode Grey’s Anatomy reminds us that “All you need is love.” Although, at Seattle Grace hospital, it’s more like Valentine’s Day on steroids. Am I the only one who hates Valentine’s Day? Bah, humbug!

But since Callie is in a nightie during the show’s opening, I’m willing to give V Day another chance.

AfterEllen Bait
If you love love, enjoy visualizing Bailey in f–k me pumps or you’re a fan of Calzona, then this is the episode for you.

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!
Derek and Meredith are trying to get their freak on but Zola is in the way. Luckily Lexie doesn’t have a valentine so she agrees to baby-sit so the McDreamies can get McSexy.

Meanwhile, Cristina’s marriage seems to be falling a part. Cristina tells Meredith that she believes Owen will walk out on her.

Cristina: And you know what? I don’t care. If he wants to leave, if he wants to hate me, then fine. I can’t make someone stay.

After Cristina says this, I think to myself, “Good! I really hope they do break up so Cristina can be with Teddy!” (Am I the only one who thinks Cristina and Teddy would be an amazing couple?)

Poor Cristina. Her husband is still punishing her for a decision she made months ago and then a delivery van comes crashing through the hospital. Owen springs into action and knocks Cristina out of the way but really, a flower delivery truck crashes into the hospital on Valentine’s Day? Obviously this hospital is haunted or possessed by the devil because the amount of outlandishly tragic events that this staff has been through is unprecedented. Paging an exorcist and a bundle of sage.

The driver that crashed through the building fell asleep at the wheel because he’s overworked trying to deliver all the flowers for the romantic holiday. As they pry the man out of the van he’s says he’s worried that the roses will be exposed to the fresh air and wilt. This guy almost took down Dr. Cristina Yang and he’s worried about wiltage?

During an awkward elevator ride Owen tells Cristina, “I’m moving out, so if you need me, I’ll be at my mom’s until I figure something out. OK?”

Cristina responds, “OK.”  But she’s obviously not, as she tears up.

Owen pleads with Teddy to speak to him, but she’s not going to forgive him anytime soon. Teddy delivers an emotional monologue and lays her feelings out on the table.

Teddy: I hate you. From the moment you decided to put the needs of your hospital over my dead husband, I have hated you. I lie alone at night and I look at the spot where my husband used to sleep and I actively, with every cell in my body, hate you. I wish you were dead instead of him. I think about all the soldiers, good men who died over there in Iraq, and I don’t understand what kind of God would allow you to survive. We are not friends. This is not grief. It will not pass. I hate you! Please, don’t speak to me again, unless it’s work related.

I think in time Teddy will regret saying those hurtful statements.

Ben and Bailey will be celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together, but because of Bailey’s non-stop work schedule she missed out on their dinner reservation. Bailey gets defensive and explains that she is saving lives and Ben can’t be mad at her for choosing her important work over him.

Ben, who surprised Bailey with a romantic dinner at the hospital, responds, “I’m dating Dr. Bailey. I know the drill. I know you. I even had Marco put extra crumb topping on your mac and cheese. I know you.” I’m not sure what’s better, that fact that Ben loves and accepts Bailey for exactly who she is or the mac and cheese. (I’m going with the mac and cheese.)

Whores & Gore
Meredith and Derek take home the top prize for sexing it up all over Seattle and in front of Lexie. (Dear Meredith, Stop getting it on in front of your sister. It’s just wrong. Love, Bridget.)

Lexie shows up at Mark’s apartment to declare her love for him but she backs out once she sees Avery is there making dinner for Mark. No, they aren’t having a gay date, Mark is just helping Avery study while he pouts over the fact that he’s not celebrating Valentine’s Day with his new girlfriend, Julia.

Callie has a secret Valentine’s Day date planned for Arizona that requires boots and long underwear. Arizona fears Callie is taking her camping, which she hates, but in the end we find out that Callie has borrowed Derek’s old trailer for the night and created a romantic love nest with candles and lingerie. Have fun, ladies!

Medical Mishaps
While Cristina, Owen and Teddy operate on a patient in silence, one of the staff makes the mistake of inquiring about their Valentine’s Day plans.

Teddy responds, “My husband died in this OR a month ago. Dr. Yang performed the surgery. I was in a seven-hour surgery and didn’t know he died. Dr. Hunt kept that a secret, so I don’t speak to him. He wants a baby, Dr. Yang doesn’t. So they don’t speak to each other, even though they’re married. So, no. How about you?”  (Dude, don’t answer.)

By the end of this episode Owen and Cristina have called a truce, although I’m still not quite sure where they stand. Derek and Meredith have spread their love all over their house, their car and who knows where else, and Calzona continues to reign as my favorite and most “normal” couple at Seattle Grace hospital.

What did you think of this Valentine’s Day episode? Is Seattle Grace haunted? Would you continue to work at a job that almost kills you over and over again? The staff must have a stellar 401k.