“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.18): Love makes you do the wacky

Not to get impatient, but Lost Girl only has four episodes left to wrap up what sounds like a pretty complex, Armageddony storyline. So then why did they spend they spend this week on an essentially filler plot that served only to reminds us that 1) Bo has mighty powerful succubus juju and 2) Dyson likes to brood. Still, I did rather like none-too-subtle evangelical baptism as a brainwashing scam metaphor.


If you’ve got a thing for hot ladies in wedding dresses, this was your episode. If you aren’t a fan of forced brainwashing, underhanded matrimonies and Stepford happiness, this was less of an episode for you. Though, on the plus side, even when Bo’s memory is erased she knows she thinks pretty girls are really pretty – and yummy.


Look, I’ve never made a secret of my distaste for Ryan. He’s a fluffy, inconsequential playboy and a diversion from the relationships I really care about on this show. So for three-fourths of this episode I felt totally justified that my deep dislike of Richie Fae when he essentially kidnaps Bo and forcibly takes her to the altar by erasing her memories. But then it turns out it wasn’t really Ryan’s fault, but Bo’s succu-stuff that made him turn into a stalker groom. So I couldn’t hate him as much as I wanted. Harumpf.

But herein also lies a little continuity confusion, because when Bo is asking Trick about what made Ryan want to marry her at-all-costs husband, she says it’s like the boy toys her mother used to have around her to do her bidding. As far as I can remember, Succubus Dearest’s man meat never tried to do anything against her will, like tie her up and erase her memories and make her walk down the aisle. Or perhaps Bo just has stronger junk than her mama.


Zero. Nada. Not even a mention when Bo was starting to remember things from her past like the girl with the pink no purple no platinum hair and the broken wolf. Oh, Dr. Hotpants, I’m still sure she missed you most of all.


In fighting a Fae who is running a religious scam on his flock to steal their money, Bo doesn’t get to kick too much butt. But Kenzi, Kenzi again gets to show her mettle as more than a sidekick but an essential part of Team Bo-Bo. She’s the one who saves her bestie from the institution of marriage. And even helps her former boy toy get his free will back. Well played, little spunky one. Well played. And Bo, in part, realizes exactly how good a friend and partner she has in Kenzi. And to stop keeping things from her.


“Uh-oh, if she gets hungry she could kill a whole NBA team – with a WNBA team for dessert.”


Those boobs are definitely pro-boner.

So, what did you think of Bo’s near marital miss? Or were you just missing the lovely Lauren?