Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.18) — Gloves Come Off

As the episode title suggests, the gloves came off this week — and not just on the hockey court that was the setting for The Good Wife‘s central case. 


Wow – big progress toward reconciliation for Alicia and Kalinda. Things didn’t go well at first, when Kalinda took a deep breath and went into Alicia’s office with a couple of beers. The way Alicia looked at the beer reminded me of my mother.

But in Alicia’s case, it wasn’t the beer that offended her, but the thought of relaxing with her former BFF. Poor Kalinda. For Alicia, though, a few days of self-examination led to a change of heart, so she approached Kalinda. “It can’t go back to the way things were — but I’d like to try to make it work. It’s just that everything has to be on the table. I can’t be the only one being forthcoming; I can’t be the only one being honest. Can you do that?”

“Yeah,” Kalinda said. It’s the only time I remember her ever looking truly scared. 

Full honesty? Kalicia is about to get very interesting.


If you’re not full on in love with Diane Lockhart, you haven’t been watching. Diane has been badass all year and was especially great in this episode. But after trying to control a room full of partners acting like school kids, she needed recess. And when Diane wants to play, she just bats those eyelashes. 

The lucky playmates were process server Jack Copeland (Bryan Brown) and right-wing writer Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole). I really love that The Good Wife writers have the smarts to give the powerful “woman of a certain age” a sex life. Diane is hot — and seeing her in action is a treat. Of course, the sexiest moment came not in the bedroom, but in the boardroom, when Diane invokes her right as managing partner to give Alicia enough money to keep her at Lockhart and Associates regardless of what the other partners think.



I have never been too fond of Will’s ex-girlfriend Tammy, but Elizabeth Reaser‘s crooked smile is one of my favorite reminders of just how gay I am. 

I’m not sure how long Tammy will stick around, but I have a feeling Alicia will be very glad to have Kalinda to talk to about her. 

Michael Fox returned as Louis Canning, still giving Alicia grief in the courtroom while offering her all sorts of money to come work for him. Thanks to Fox, I recognized Judge Rigby as Deborah Rush, who played the mayor’s wife in Spin City. Strangers with Candy fans will recognize Rush as Sarah Blank.


With her raise and bonus, Alicia can now afford to buy the house her family used to live in, although I kind of hope she doesn’t. If you’re going to pay $2 million for a place to live, at least move forward instead of backward. 

We learned that Cary got demoted as a result of his confession to Peter about his relationship with Dana. I can’t help wondering if this will lead him back to Lockhart and Associates. The power shifts at both the State Attorney’s office and Lockhart surely mean a shift in personnel, too.

What do you think this episode is setting up for the rest of the season? Will Diane’s decision to stand up for Alicia prove wise? Is Will going to get in trouble for being so involved in the life of the firm while he’s suspended?