“Fashion Star” Recap: Bidding War (Episode 2)

This week, Fashion Star toned down the non-fashion related antics (thankfully) and focused more on the clothes. The theme was making things for a specific customer and some designers had a hoochie customer in mind. (That’d be Oscar, who annoyed fellow designer Orly and also the judges, apparently.)

Speaking of Orly, she did some more two-in-one outfits this week, but did not hook a buyer. I actually liked the maxi-turned-mini but the buyers are right — it’s hard to portray its versatility on a hanger. Although, her mini-skirt/shell design from last week is already sold out, so maybe they should have picked up on this.

Out designer Kara did amazing with her draped-tie dresses that I need immediately. (Her outfit was awesome, too, no?) Not only were the judges and buyers salivating over them, but it started a bidding war between Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M, with Saks eventually putting up $110,000 and H&M bowing out gracefully.

I loved all three but it appears Saks is only selling the grey one. Basically I need to get myself to Saks immediately and try the plaid shift dress on. If you just want to scoop one up, you can order it on Saks.com.

Barbara continued to show how out-of-touch she is with a bizarre leather tunic dress, complete with incomplete zippers while Ross used too heavy tweed for spring dresses and bolero jackets. Lisa’s pink Trudy Day dress was simple but cute — definitely sellable and flattering, as Jessica Simpson noted, for both young girls and their moms alike. Macy’s has that, for you and your mom’s buying pleasure.

Sarah scored again with some hot tuxedo pants in white/black and blue. I’m a fan, as was Nicole Richie and H&M.

One thing I don’t love about Fashion Star is they tighten it up in the middle of the episode by breezing over a few designers, even if their design got picked up. So I didn’t see all of what Nikki was doing with her two-piece bathing suits, but they remind me of some throwback old-fashioned ones you can buy on retro websites or from Anthropologie.

Edmond‘s black vinyl dress is just — no, as was Lizzie‘s tie-dye batsleeve blouse. The buyers agreed with me.

All three buyers wanted Nzimiro‘s Contrast-Trim Western Shirt, but Macy’s won out. Love that rotated pocket.

And as for Oscar’s hoochie dresses, they did not get him kept for another week, nor did his over-the-top personality or Jessica’s odd dream of birthing him (complete with orange top hat).

If you need me, I’ll be at Saks Fifth Avenue, prying the last tie dress out of some other femme’s hands.